Say Bye-Bye To Summer Acne!


Summer is right upon our head girls, so its precaution time! Many of you beautiful ladies must be facing the problem of breakouts on the face, chin, and upper back during summers, but did you know that you can easily prevent that from happening!
There are certain rules of nature that you can’t amend but you can take precautions to prevent things from happening, such as avoid acnes and pimples during summers time and staying hydrated to avoid heat strokes or dehydration.

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The best way to avoid acne is to binge on fiber filled diet and go for regular cleanups or try at home remedies, but there are also certain other options that you can incorporate into your routine to avoid breakout burst before the summer arrives and during that heat ridden days as well.

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1. Say No To Acnegenic Foods
It’s okay to gloat upon those tempting chocolates, cakes, ice-creams and pizzas to fulfill your cravings every once in a while, but sabotaging your health and beauty for that is totally unacceptable. These are all acnegenic foods that cause breakouts and other problems to your skin and health.

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Not just sugary and refined flours should be added in ‘to avoid’ list, but also certain fatty foods and seafood items are a must avoid too.

2. Avoid Constipational Food Items
Constipation is bad for your health and skin, and the main reason for breakouts on your face. Avoid food items that cause constipation and start including fiber-rich food to your diet. Melons, sprouts and citrus fruits are the best for a clear stomach.

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3. Cleansing Routine
Wash your face using a good exfoliating scrub or face wash, at least twice a day, to get a clean and dirt free clean skin. Get face cleanup once every two weeks or more frequently if you have oily and pimple prone skin.

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Tea tree oil is great to use for avoiding acne and salicylic based face mask is best to soothe your acne prone skin.

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4. Change Your Moisturizer
It’s important to avoid the use of any pores clogging products during summer, to prevent acne from occurring. As well using a good moisturizer that is different from the one you used in winters. The summer sun is harsh and that can damage your skin in unexpected ways.

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The best moisturizer to apply during summer is the gel-based lotions. They protect your skin from breakouts and are great for your greasy skin.

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5. Essential Ingredients In Your Products To Look For
There is an endless range of beauty products available on the market, but it is crucial to know the difference between a good product and a helpful product. The ones containing retinol, benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acid are considered best to avoid acnes bursts during summers.
Using a night cream regularly with these essential ingredients is great for a beautiful acne free skin.

6. Early Treatment Is The Key
If you feel like acne has found its permanent grip on your skin, then it’s high time you get a visit to the dermatologist.

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When acne gets out of control then getting dermatological treatment is the best way you can ever get rid of those awful skin monsters. Doctors will probably recommend peels or laser treatments for treating acnes and pimples.

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