Shahnaz Husain’s Top Beauty Tips For Oily Skin


People with oily skin know the demerits of this skin type. The oily skin needs to be treated carefully or else it will result in breakouts. The skin becomes oily due to the sebum produced by the sebaceous gland. This sebum gets accumulated in the skin pores which then gives rise to acne.

Shahnaz Hussain is a recognized name in the beauty industry. Here we present Shahnaz Hussain’s beauty tips for oily skin to control oil production and have a healthy, glowing skin.

#1 Avoid Washing Your Face Too Often In A Day

Avoid Washing Your Face Too Often In A Day

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There is one thing with people having oily skin, they wash their face with cleansers quite often thinking that it would help in removing the excess oil from the face. However, it is the exact opposite! Yes, frequent washing sessions would discard the essential oils from the skin, which is not safe. Using face wash twice a day would be good.

#2 Use Natural Face Cleansers

Use Natural Face Cleansers

Using harsh, chemical-based cleansers are likely to strip off the moisture from your face. And this would further escalate the sebum production. Using natural cleansers is the best way to cleanse the skin, retaining its moisture.

You can also make a face pack by mixing Multani mitti, besan (gram flour), and turmeric (haldi). Make a paste using rose water or plain water. Apply this pack on the face and leave it for about 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with normal water. You can do this 2-3 times a week.

#3 Always Use An Oil-Free Moisturizer

Always Use An Oil-Free Moisturizer

Your skin already has too much of oil so avoid stuffing it with more oily products. Every skin care product that you’re using should be oil-free. This would balance out the oil present in the skin and your face won’t feel oily anymore.

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#4 Use Powder-based Make-up Products

Use Powder-based Make-up Products

If your skin is oily, the beauty expert suggests using light makeup with a powder base. Liquid or cream-based make up products would not only make the skin oily but would also clog the pores. Whereas powder-based products will soak the excess oil, thereby making the skin look normal and balanced.

Amongst the different skin types, the ones with oily skin tend to face a lot of problems in balancing out the excessive oil. Shahnaz Hussain is a name that is very well known for her expertise in the beauty industry. So, if you are the oily skin type, take a note of the above-mentioned pointers to show some love to your skin.

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