How Smartphones can Help in Your Weight Loss Journey


Are you fed up by being overweight, not fitting into your old clothes, or simply not having the body you wish for?
You are not alone. A recent study showed 54% of every individual New Year’s resolutions was to get into better shape, 65% resolved to more exercise sessions, and 71% wanted to eat healthier meals.

All these are worthy goals, and therefore the amazing news is, they all are attainable…with the proper approach.

Resolving to figure out for 3 hours each day at the gym once you can barely squeeze a 10-minute job into your day isn’t realistic or maybe helpful.

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Dieting and workout are both good ways to achieve success in your weight-loss battle. It’s important to take care of your health and approach things with proper safety and longevity in mind, and that’s where a professional trainer or good program comes in handy. Today, there are many fitness apps available to assist you reduce and obtain your desired shape in a healthy and sustainable way.

Do you want to reduce weight the smarter way?

Explore 4 different ways of how your smartphone can be your best support and tool for losing weight and sticking to all those resolutions.

1. Smartphones make fitness and weight-loss way cheaper


Let’s talk about it. You would like to lose weight, but you might want to pay the electrical bill too. And anyone who’s ever hired a professional and personal trainer can tell you that you cannot do both. Yes, it’s true these specialists charge an arm and a leg for the services they provide. Prices start around $150 for an hour, and you need tons of hours if you actually want to see results. It’s not that they don’t deserve this price. But it’s just not a feasible cost for many people.

Now talk about your phones, Enter your smartphone. There are hundreds of fitness apps out there that will assist you to lose weight and get healthy and fit without breaking the bank balance.

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If you would like to actually indulge, you can check out for a personal trainer fitness app. These are still far more affordable than hiring your personal trainer, but they provide you the personalized training you would like to urge real, visible results.

Also, the same thing applies to nutritionists and nutrition apps.

2. Your Smartphone is usually handy


If you’re someone who sits with their trainer, discuss some issues, and work out a program to stay to. But the minute you walk off, that conversation is out of your mind. You’ve forgotten half of the things, and now you come up with another fifteen questions you didn’t get an opportunity to ask then, and you lose all your motivation to follow your carefully-drawn out plan altogether with your trainer.

But when your weight-loss plan and services are on your smartphone, it’s with you every time. You can look at the SMS conversation for clarification of your doubts and reminders. Any further questions? Message your trainer to urge for a solution. And together with your phone always y your side, it can often be your gentle reminder that you simply are on this for the long-time, when you think about throwing in the towel.

Always being with you is additionally the cause that smartphone fitness apps are way better as compared to a gym membership. If you check-in for a gym and go regularly, you’re already light years before most of the people. More likely, you’ll check-in for a membership card, then let it collect dust in your wallet until you opt to cancel. Maybe you’ll use the gym a couple of times. But how often are you actually going to take out time from your schedule to urge to go to the gym, exercise, shower, and go back home?

3. Your Smartphone will never judge you


Family and friends are good for planning a vacation, getting a fun activity together, or going to the films. But while they are well-meaning and care a lot about your health, when it especially involves weight-loss, friends and family tend to be real jerks. Without even desiring to, they can be really demotivating if you don’t lose your weight as quickly as they think you ought to. And if you go for dinner with them, you can expect it to be an hour of emotional torture analyzing your weight-loss efforts.

Weight-loss apps, on the opposite side, are totally a non-judgmental crowd. They’re created to be positive, encouraging and motivational. These apps assist you to measure your everyday progress, celebrate and enjoy your successes, and show you different ways of how your efforts are paying off. Studies have shown that you simply are more productive and get effective results in a positive, encouraging environment. So, if you actually want to lose that weight, ditch those negative friends talk and hear the positive and encouraging motivation from your weight-loss app.

4. Your smartphone offers loads of tools


Finally, we’ve best for last point. Your smartphone is your biggest support for helping you lose weight because it’s loaded with a number of the coolest tools for achieving your goal. A primarily tech-based society, our world is consistently evolving with newer and better apps to assist us to make weight-loss manageable, enjoyable, and effective. And it’s really showing results. Because, just with a touch of your finger, you can get access to valuable tools such as:

• Training videos
If someone tells you to urge down and do twenty oblique crunches, what would you do? Maybe you recognize where your obliques are, or you don’t even know what actually a crunch is! I can explain it in words, but the famous saying says, an image is worth a thousand words. And a video is more and more expressive. With your smartphone, you’ve got access to a number of training videos from apps and YouTube, and more. Every video shows you what each exercise is, and how to do it in the right way, and what all are the pitfalls to observe.

• Meal planners and calorie counters
Between exercise and diet, diet is certainly the more important factor when it comes to weight-loss. If you actually want to lose weight, you have to see and remember what you eat. The difficulty is, it’s hard! Remembering what you ate before, knowing what amount of calories that meal actually involves, and deciding what amount of calories you ought to eat next is task in futility for many. This is the reason why calorie counters and meal planners are important.

Meal planners assist you and plan out exactly what amount of calories you ought to be eating every day and at every meal. Planners go further by telling you the number of calories present in different foods you’re eating. It cuts all the guessing work, remembering, and calculating of calories every time you eat something. For many people, these tools are modern-day wonders and apps such as Noom, Lose It and MyFitnessPal are all good options when it comes to planning and calculating.

There are multiple apps that assist you to count calories, so you recognize where you’re holding, and even if you have been pounding an excessive amount. Also, calorie counters can give information about how many calories are there in a specific food. So, if you log in that you ate an apple, the app will tell you that you simply ate 52 calories (depending on the dimensions and sort of apple, of course). Many similar apps even have barcode scanners, so you don’t need to worry about calories present in a certain food. These apps will tell you exactly.

• Fitness trackers
Smartphones also have apps that can track your fitness progress. If you choose to walk, you can link your Fitbit or download an app to count your footsteps. If you are doing an exercise video, you can simply log it into your fitness tracker. Then, the app will tell you the number of calories you’ve burned and re-adjust your daily-caloric need to suit your activity level. This is often helpful for maintaining a healthy, well-balanced daily calorie intake.

Weight-Loss: You’ve got this within your Bag or Pocket!


Losing weight isn’t a simple task, but it is a rewarding one. With the proper mind frame and your smartphone by your side, it’s a goal that you can really achieve. Whether it’s the beginning of beach season, a friend’s wedding, or your resolution that’s forcing you to lose weight, download one of the easy to use weight-loss apps and get results eventually.

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