So This is your First Date… Here are the Tips for You!!


Anxiety of looking best all the time and bearing a good and effective first impression is what we all want. Well the task is not that easy, neither tough too! Be it your office interview, a family function or your first date, you want to look your best. And so here I am again to help you out girl, I will share with you few amazing beauty and fashion tips that will make you steal the show and your prince charming will surely gets attracted to his pretty princess. *Blink*

This is what you can do, but make sure you keep your calm and do go overboardÂ…

It is Time to be ‘Me’!

It is Time to be ‘Me

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Have you heard the saying – It is best to be hated for who you are rather than to be loved about you who don’t! And so this must be always in your mind. If you think that you are going to spend the rest of your life with the person, then you must not lay the foundation on the false basis. Be who you are and let the person know you better.

You are not that Desperate? Are you?


It is not necessary that your date would like too much flesh show, so you need to strike a balance between decency and hotness. While you might be tempted to show all your sexy curves at once to make him go mad, this might signal your desperation as well. And this is not good for you. Be dressed decently!

Minimum Make-up or Else he will Go Blind!

Minimum Make-up

Do you want your date to go blind over the shimmery make-up that you have put up? I hope not! So keep your shadows and smoky looks aside and apply some Kohl and lip gloss to make it simple and elegant. Let him know you look beautiful naturally J

Carrying Half of the World with you?

Carrying Half of the World with you

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If you love your handbag and love stuffing things into it so that it goes to the extent of breakage then give it a break! What if he asks you for something like your visiting card and then you get lost in your bag for almost 20 minutes to find one, you poor gal?

Follow these tips and ensure that you look amazing on the big day. Talk well and lay a good impression.

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