7 Gorgeous Mandaps For Your Wedding


Marriage is a beautiful part of a person’s life. Every bride or groom would like their respective weddings to be the best of all. That dream of getting married in the best decorated wedding hall with best of people around, is just amazing, although we do give a serious thought on the budget, but still… it’s there in the dreams.

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We pay a lot of attention to each detail of the wedding preparations like, the venue, the ceremonies, the menu, the mandap. The mandap is the place where real ceremony will take place and you will foster all the good memories here; you will officially become a married couple by taking phere, applying the red sacred sindoor and wearing mangalsutra.

So, we have come across some awesome mandap décor ideas which you can have in your dream wedding:

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1. Floral Décor
You can have a mandap which will make you feel like you are inside a flower market with uncountable flowers waiting for your welcome. In reality, such mandaps will make you feel like you are getting married in the heaven because from all the four sides you are surrounded by poles which are flooded with flowers.

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2. Million Bells Décor
When we say the word “Taaron Ki Chhaaon Mein”, this mandap exactly defines the lines. On the top of the mandap are the cluster of thousands of bells which are hanging downwards. It looks absolutely stunning and classy. Each of them are handwoven by the artists and carefully set up for the big day.

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3. Water Mandap Décor
These days, the mandap decors are getting better and more creative. For example, the beautiful mandap situated right in the middle of a pool. The flowers splashing their colours in the water and in the middle is a beautiful mandap which looks good in either a morning or a night wedding.

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4. Temple Style Décor
Some mandaps are made in the style of a temple which gives a look like you are actually in a mandir. Of course, it’s too costly, but totally worth when you see it fully made with polished gold, beautiful flowers and red chairs.

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5. Walk-in-the-forest Décor
A mandap which is set up in the garden and surrounded by lush green grass and colourful flowers and drapes. We don’t have to say anything more because the picture is itself speaking a thousand words.

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6. Beach Mandap Décor
Oh well…! This is my personal favourite mandap. Rustic, earthy and very romantic. This is the mandap which is right next to the sea or ocean and is more a sort of destination wedding plan. But, it looks quite stunning and you get everything under the sun.

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7. Genda Phool Décor
Genda will always remain the one flower which is a must for any wedding because it’s the colour of tradition and festival. Use as many marigolds in a mandap and it’ll look better anyway. That’s the power of a gorgeous genda phool.

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So, kick start your wedding planning with these awesome mandap ideas and make great memories with them.

Happy Wedding!

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