Some Great Songs on Father’s Day!!!


Songs don’t suddenly come into the mind of a composer!!! There is a lot of work to be done before a song is released. First, the situation for which the song needs to be composed is thoroughly analyzed. Then the person needs to imagine himself in that scenario and create a tone, which is later enhanced further and accompanied by other instruments and at least one playback singer.

One of the most observed aspect of a song is the lyrics of the song. Some lyrics are romantic, some express an astringent reality and some are based on family relationships.

With Father’s day approaching near, the songs based on the same theme float in everyone’s mind. Such songs are very sensational and sometimes so influential that they can change an irresponsible father or son into a responsible one!!!

Some songs to be played on Father’s Day:

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Phool ye kahaan se aaya hai: The song is about a child suffering from cancer and his father who wants to give him everything he wishes to have in his life until he breathes his last.

Papa Ki Pari: This is one of the songs from the movie Main Prem Ki Diwani.Hun. In this song the daughter expresses her love and respect for her parents.

Papa kehte hain: This song is from the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. This song depicts the feelings of a son who intends to fulfill his father’s dreams and meet his needs and expectations.

Tu mera Dil, Tu Meri Jaan: This song is from the movie Akele Hum Akele Tum . This song shows the strong bond of love between a child and his father whose wife has left him.

Papa mere papa: This song from the movie Main Aisa Hi Hun, shows the affection of a child towards his mentally challenged father.

These songs not only have appreciable music involved in them but also good lyrics and a melodious voice singing those words. All these songs inspire a stronger relationship between a father and his child, be it his son or his daughter. Father’s day will become even more delightful with these songs being played!!!

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