Amazing Summer Wedding Makeup Ideas to Save Your Day!


Ladies, admit it or not, we all hate summer weddings! Marriage ceremonies are usually fun but the hot and humid summer climate plays the spoilsport. If you are going to be a summer bride, here are some amazing summer wedding makeup ideas from our makeup experts to keep your face graceful and glowing while you walk down the aisle.

The important points contained in this article are:

• How to keep prevent makeup meltdown in summer?
• Things to keep in mind while doing makeup in summer
• Tips for summer brides
• Makeup for a summer wedding

We will cover some prominent areas of makeup that need special attention. Let’s get started!



1. If you have oily eyes lids and you must apply a mattifying powder before putting on the concealer. This will prevent them from looking too oily.

2. Avoid creamy eyeshadows as they do tend to get oily with time. Therefore, it is better to trust powder shadows in summer time.

3. Prefer applying liquid eye liner as it would stay in place for longer time without smearing or smudging.

4. Lastly, a waterproof mascara is ideal for the day wedding.




1. Before anything else, apply a good lip balm to moisturize your lips. Then take a lip liner, first outline your lips and then fill them. This will help your lipstick to stay for maximal time.

2. Once you’re done with step 1, apply your lipstick and remove the excess using a tissue paper. Brush some loose powder on your lips and then apply another coat of lipstick to seal the deal.

3. If your lipstick tends to fade early, apply some concealer before putting on the lip color.

4. Lastly, apply a fine coat of lip gloss and lipstick sealer to keep your lips colored throughout your wedding.



1. People with oily skin suffer the most in summer due to the excessive sebum secretion. Makeup experts suggest using an oil-free moisturizer before makeup application, if needed. You can skip this part if your skin feels extremely oily.

2. Also, go for an oil-free primer to keep your makeup sit better and last longer. In addition to this, prefer oil-free or powder-based foundation to prevent your face from looking too oily or patchy. Whereas, if you apply liquid foundation, powder your face to settle it down.

3. Beauticians strictly suggest to not apply unnecessary bronzer as it won’t hold up in the heat and will eventually melt. Use matte bronzer instead.



1. In the heat attack, the first thing that will go will be the blush! While creamy blush is good, you shall choose powder blush for a summer wedding to keep your look fresh.

2. For better staying power, you can also go for cheek stain, and then apply a little matching powder blush to settle it.

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