Useful Makeup Tips for Summer Wedding to Try This Season


Summer wedding is a pain in the neck in India! Unlike English summers which are bright and pleasant, here it is all about scorching heat, sweating, dehydrating body and melting makeup! Whether you are to wed in this sizzling weather or you have to play the bridesmaid duties, you need makeup tips for summer wedding to survive the hot and humid attack. But before that, we will give you a sneak-peek of what this article has in store for you:

• 7 noteworthy makeup tips for summer weddings
• Must-have skin care products in your summer makeup kit
• How to keep your face hydrated in the heat?
• How to make your makeup stay longer in summers?

Now, let’s discuss in detail some helpful summer wedding makeup hacks.

1. Avoid moisturizer for the day

Avoid moisturizer for the day

You must be thinking that moisturizer is utmost important then why skip it? Well, it is because it may give an additional slip to your skin which isn’t required in the summer season. It is better to apply an oil-free primer to provide the necessary moisture while prepping your face for makeup. This would give a light and smooth base for your daytime makeup.

2. Paint your lips bright

Paint your lips bright

It becomes difficult to do touch ups in the hot weather but it is equally important to look good, right! So, the only feasible option is to keep the makeup simple but bright. Summer weddings calls for bright lip shades such as red, orange, pink, etc. These will make your face glow even with minimal makeup on.

3. Keep a face mist with you

Keep a face mist with you

It is highly important for your skin to stay cool and hydrated otherwise it will breakout! The only way to moisturize your face in makeup is by spraying face mist whenever your skin feels dry. It would help you beat the heat.

4. Prefer waterproof makeup

Prefer waterproof makeup

It is a no-brainer that only waterproof makeup can stay on your face in the hot climate. If you are in mood to encounter smearing and smudging of makeup, better to invest in waterproof makeup essentials.

5. Use bronzer cautiously

Use bronzer cautiously

Summer sun would give you a natural shine and therefore, you don’t need to put on a lot of bronzer! It is okay to apply it for night functions but avoid using bronzer for day events, if you don’t want your face to shine unnecessarily.

6. Do makeup as per the wedding timing

Do makeup as per the wedding timing

Timing does affect your makeup and how it will actually show. Such as applying eye shadow in the afternoon will make your eyes look dull and baggy! Also, contouring the face in this extreme light would make your face look plasticy!

7. Keep your touch-up kit ready

Keep your touch-up kit ready

We are not talking about makeup kit here but a kit with some essentials like face powder, blotting papers, Q-tips, lipstick, etc. These would help you cover your makeup whenever required.

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