7 Steps That Can Help You Create Perfect Sunset Eyes!


Sunset time is the most beautiful because the sky is filled with amazing hued colour which gives inspiration to many artists. If you can also want to re-create this magic on your eyes then we have the step-by-step guide for sunset eyes.

Sunset eyes makeup is the latest trend which incorporates colours like yellow, orange and shades of burgundy. These colours when merged together gives a gorgeous look to your eyes.

So, let’s get started with the procedure of sunset eyes.

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1. Apply primer

Apply-primerImage Source: maquilleo

Apply the primer on your eyelids as it helps the makeup to stay for a longer period of time.

2. Divide your eyes into sections

Divide-your-eyes-into-sectionsImage Source: cdnds

Once you are done with primer, mentally divide your eyes into three sections like the first one starting from the corner to the end of the iris, the second one is the whole iris and the rest is the last section.

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3. Apply the base

Apply-the-baseImage Source: blogspot
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After dividing the sections, apply the white base on your entire eyelid. This is a smart trick as it makes the colours pop more which make your eyes more beautiful.

4. Get started with the first section

Get-started-with-the-first-sectionImage Source: imabeautygeek

After the base is done perfectly apply yellow eyeshadow to the first section.

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5. Now, with the second section

Now-with-the-second-sectionImage Source: mdpcdn

After getting done with the perfect stroke of eye shadow in the first section get started with the second one. Apply the orange shade only on the iris and then blend the colours where they meet.

6. And finally the final section

And-finally-the-final-sectionImage Source: imgix

And now finally apply the burgundy on the outer edge of the eye. After that blend, the colours nicely to get a perfect shade. You can also apply a darker shade of magenta and purple.

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7. Final touch up

Final-touch-upImage Source: toppakistan

And now finally apply eyeliner and mascara to complete your sunset eyes look.

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