TEEJ SPECIAL: 16 things that are a must in shringar for Hariyali Teej

Hariyali Teej


Hariyali Teej is a festival which is celebrated every year in the month of Sawan. This festival is celebrated with a great zeal and joy in northern states of India.
Hariyali Teej is a festival in which a married woman fasts and prays Goddess Paravati for the long life of their husband. And unmarried women keep this fast to receive a good husband. During this festival, every woman gets dolled up with new clothes and jewellery and they leave no effort to look good on this day.

Here is the list of 16 things which are used for beautification to look perfect on the occasion of Teej:

1. Bindi

BindiImage Source: femina

Bindi is a very important part of the Shringar for a married woman. These are usually used in red colour by women but they are also available in different colours.

2. Sindoor

SindoorImage Source: staticflickr

Sindoor is the symbol of Suhaag for married women and also a very important part of the Shringar for Hariyali Teej.

3. Maang tikka

Maang-tikkaImage Source: fashionography

It is a jewellery which is worn on the parting of the hair and is also used to add grace to a woman’s forehead.

4. Kajal

KajalImage Source: ytimg

This is the most important thing in the Shringar as it makes your eye look more defined and helps to lift the entire look of the women.

5. Nose pin

Nose pinImage Source: picdn

Nath or nose pin is a very important part of the Shringar for Hariyali Teej. It is most commonly worn on the left nostril. It is available in different sizes and the big naths are supported by a chain that is pinned to the hair.

6. Haar or Necklace

Haar-or-NecklaceImage Source: pinimg

This is the most expensive part of the Shringar. Women usually wear a heavy necklace made with diamond, gold and other valuable stones.

7. Earrings

EarringsImage Source: pinimg

This jewellery adds beauty to the look of women. Usually, they are matched with the necklace that one is going to wear.

8. Henna

HennaImage Source: ytimg

Applying henna is a very important part of shringar in Hariyali Teej. It is believed that it has the power to make the bond stronger between husband and wife.

9. Bangles

BanglesImage Source: pinimg

It is said that red and green bangles symbolise the suhaag of women. Bangles made of gold are also very popular during Hariyali Teej.

10. Baajuband

BaajubandImage Source: rediff

Baajuband is available in different designs. They can be simple like a chain or can be of heavy. Mostly they are more popular in Jaipuri, Rajasthani and Mughal styles.

11. Finger rings

Finger-ringsImage Source: pinimg

This is the most important part of the shringar in Hariyali Teej.

12. Hair do

HairdoImage Source: cdninstagram

In Hariyali Teej most women prefer to have a traditional hair do like a braid covered with flowers or jewellery.

13. Kamarbandh

KamarbandhImage Source: craftsvilla

Kamarbandh is an accessory that adds look to a woman’s waist and the whole outfit. It is usually made of gold and precious stones.

14. Payal and toe rings

Payal-and-toe-ringsImage Source: manglamjewellers

These accessories are used to add beauty to women’s feet. Payal has bells attached to it that make a pleasing sound and toe rings are worn as the sign of suhaag.

15. Aroma for Hariyali Teej

Aroma-for-Hariyali-TeejImage Source: shopify

Perfume makes women smell pleasant and fresh on Hariyali Teej.

16. Outfit

OutfitImage Source: com

The women can go for a heavy and beautiful outfit for Hariyali Teej and accordingly plan the look for the occasion.