These Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards’ for 2016!


Move over IIFA, Filmfare Awards, 250th Annual Star Screen Awards (pun intended!), etc. Cause it’s the time for the one of the most prestigious ‘Ghanta Awards’. Like we do it every other year, this year we are back to honour our Bollywood Big Names for their worst contribution towards film industry. Yes, you heard me right, for the worst ever performance of theirs! We can’t hold ourselves back for honouring (or rather, dishonouring) our ironically favourite stars for torturing us with some of the great work of theirs! A Huge amount of people voting helped us gathering the un-lucky winners of our highly held ‘The Ghanta Awards’ for praising the work of these stars.

So here’s the complete list of the winners! (… you know what I mean :P)

1. Worst Director: Vikas Bahl for Shaandaar (a.k.a Bhangaar!)
It hurts me to tell you that he’s the one who directed Queen. One of the most loved Bollywood movies till now. Well, here’s a living proof that tragedy can strike anyone. Irrespective of who you are. But I would like to ask him, Why?

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards1
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2. Worst Film: Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo
Well, what else were you expecting here? This truly deserves the title. After all, it has earned it. Now Prem must be happy with another award, only to be the ‘Ghanta Award Winner’ this time.

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards2

3. Worst Actor: Shah Rukh Khan for Dilwale
We can hear your heart break. Everyone has a bad day, so what if our King Khan is having one just now. I can remember the famous dialogue of his movie, though somewhat modified. Bade Bade Shehero Mein Aisi Choti Choti Baatein Toh Hoti Rehti Hain. Well, anything to console yourself!

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards3

4. Worst Debut: Sooraj Pancholi for Hero
Now they are looking for some changes in the lyrics of the song to Main hoon zero tera! Seems apt, though! No words here.

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards4

5. Worst Song: Title track from Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo
We still have that terror in our eyes, watching Sonam Kapoor shaking her legs like a mannequin. So the horror earns this song an award. So what if it’s the ‘Ghanta Award’.

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards5

6. Worst Brand Endorsement: Priyanka Chopra for Rajnigandha Silver Pearls
I want to ask Pee Cee, what on earth made her do this advertisement at first place? The another award winning advertisement is already out as if this was not enough to make our eyes bleed. Yes, I’m talking about the Appy Fizz Advertisement!

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards6

7. Most Controversial Controversy: The Hrithik-Kangana controversy
The irony lies here, even after getting an award, the duo isn’t going to stop. Stop in the name of God, will you?

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards7
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8. The Movie Nobody Saw: Welcome to Karachi
No, thanks! We would like to go to a place nearby. Karachi is just out of the question. And wait, when did this movie hit the screens? Were we sleeping?

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards8

9. The Weirdo Type Of Movie : Manish Paul for Ranbanka
The movie already received an award while I’m still trying to pronounce Ranbanka. Tell me if you got it right! Weird name, weird movie. Expected, though!

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards9

10. Worst Supporting Actor: Neil Nitin Mukesh for Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo
Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo manages to bag another award to its name! so much fame, uh huh? The other movies must be going green with jealousy.

Bollywood Stars Receive The ‘Ghanta Awards10

No hard feelings. After all, an award is an award! Congratulations all.

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