How to Get Rid Of Itchy Ringworms!


Skin is the largest organ in our body which is continuously bearing the brunt of the environment. Skin being the most sensitive part of the body gets infected as soon as it comes in contact with an infected person. However, there are many reasons for getting a skin infection. We are going to tell few of them.

1. Congenital Reasons
These diseases are caused right from the birth. This causes the ill development of the skin as the baby grows.

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2. Physical Cause
Any object which is continuously brushing our skin or exerting some pressure on it can cause skin infection. Skin is also infected by sudden fluctuations in the temperatures.

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3. Chemical Cause
Increasing pollution in the cities and the exhaust fumes from the vehicles causes our skin to get exposed to certain harmful chemicals.

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4. Poor Hygiene or Infection
Most of the skin infections are caused by poor hygiene practice. Not cleaning your body thoroughly or getting in contact with a contaminated animal can give rise to skin infections. The red or light brown circular itchy patches on our skin are known as ringworms. It can affect the infants and adults equally. Most of the time, it targets our head, neck, and legs. It can be treated with many home remedies.

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Treatment for Ringworms (Shingles)
To get rid of ringworms, apply an anti-fungal cream which contains clotrimazole or miconazole nitrate to get instant relief. This medicine is available at any medical store easily. You can also pop up a pill for it. But the pill doesn’t work for everyone. Pregnant women and infants should consult a doctor before using anything on their ringworm.

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However, ringworm is no serious disease but to prevent them, always maintain good hygiene habits. Never leave any part of your body moist. Make sure that your body is dry all the time. Use anti-fungal or medicated soaps. Wash your hair at least twice a week. Wear light coloured cotton clothes in summers. Avoid wearing too tight clothes in summer. Don’t use others towel, brush or comb.

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