These Might Be the Reasons Why Men Feel Pain While Having Sex!


We need to move over this clichéd one-liner, “Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota!”. Because today we’re going to tell you about the pain of men. You must have heard till now that only women experience the pain while having sex. But let me tell you, there are some reasons due to which even men feel pain while having sex. Sometimes, this pain can be unbearable for them. at such situations, they start to find excuses for not having sex. Though sex is said to be synonymous with immense pleasure, but this problem can drizzle out the fun of having sex in men. They don’t even reach orgasm if they’re suffering from this problem. As you know that, women take longer to reach the climax of the sexual intercourse. When men experience pain while having sex they can’t satisfy their partner even if they wish to. today we’re going to tell you the reasons behind the painful intercourse.

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1. Peyronie’s Disease
It is also known by the name of erectile dysfunction, commonly. So if your man is experiencing pain while having sex, then this might be a reason. This disease causes premature excitation of the penis which causes immense pain while penetration. This disease is usually caused by trauma, injury or hereditary reasons.

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2. Hardening of the Skin of Penis
This disease is also known as Phimosis, in which the foreskin of the penis hardens. This hardened skin causes immense pain in the penis during penetration. Sometimes, men give up in the middle of the session when this pain surpasses beyond tolerance levels.

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3. Prostatitis
This disease is somewhat similar to a urine infection. In this disease, the skin around penis swells painfully. The foreskin becomes so sensitive that it pains even on touching.

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4. Urine Infection
Urine infection can be caused in both men and women. This causes burning sensation while urinating, smelly urine, etc. urinary infection also causes painful sexual intercourse. It is also accompanied by itchy penis in men.

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5. Allergy
Allergy can hit both men and women. But in men, it causes sensitization of penis. Using cream or soap on the foreskin is one of the reasons behind this allergy.

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6. Genital Herpes
You must have heard this name before. it is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It is followed by lumps and pustules around penis which causes pain while having sex.

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