Top 5 Myths Associated With Tampons


When it comes to choosing the most preferred option for dealing with the menstrual flow, most of the girls would opt for a sanitary napkin. Mainly because it is much more easy to use and scary as compared to a tampon. Yes, a tampon is considered one of the most dreaded options to choose for dealing with the menstrual flow. But in reality that is not true. There are a lot of myths related to tampons which prohibit a lot of women from using one of the most convenient and much more environment-friendly choices when compared to the sanitary napkin. Today we debunk the top 5 myths associated with tampons.

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1. Tampons may cause Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)- One of the most common “fear” that is associated with using tampons is having a Toxic Shock Syndrome. Though TSS is a rare possibility that comes with the use of tampons but that does not mean you are definitely going to suffer from the same. TSS is just something that you must be aware of but is definitely not something that should stop you from using tampons. If you did not already know then let me tell you that Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a serious condition which is caused due to the overgrowth of a pathogen (bacteria) which is only found in the vaginal canal. There are certain tampon materials which may increase the growth of these pathogens when left inside the vagina for a very long time thus leading to TSS.

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2. You won’t be a virgin after using a tampon- The logic that goes behind this common myth is that when you insert a tampon in the vagina your hymen which is a membrane covering the cervix (vaginal opening) breaks and thus you are no longer a virgin. In reality, you probably may have broken your hymen way before using a tampon and besides losing virginity is not about breaking your hymen or just any kind of physical penetration. You only lose your virginity when you indulge in sexual intercourse and not otherwise. So there is absolutely no way that you won’t be a virgin after using a tampon.

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3. The tampon may get lost in your vagina- This one is also one of the most common ones when talking about tampons. But the truth is that there is absolutely no way a tampon may get lost in your vagina and the reason being that your vagina is just 3-5 inches long. Your tampon may get shifted a little bit deeper but it won’t get lost into your vagina, whatsoever.

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4. You need to change the tampon each time you go to the loo- It might be a little awkward to go to the washroom when you have a tampon on but it won’t be uncomfortable or dangerous in any manner. This is so because the bladder, the vagina and the gastrointestinal tract have separate openings. So there is absolutely no way the tampon will act as a hindrance in any way.

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5. Tampons can’t be worn overnight- This one is also related to the TSS. It is said that if you leave the tampon inside your vagina for too long you are exposing yourself to the risk of toxic shock syndrome, which is what you actually do when you sleep with a tampon on. But there are conditions to the same. TSS won’t occur unless the responsible present in the vagina and is growing abnormally. Along with that if you are sleeping for the average 6-8 hours then you don’t really have anything to worry. But if you sleep for a time more than that then you should use a sanitary napkin instead.

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