Tiny Tattoos With Huge Meanings- For Women


Tattoos are a great way to express yourself to the world. A tattoo may symbolize anything from your personality to a memory or certain emotions. It may also represent hidden or unspoken aspects of your present or past relationships, suffering, achievements, losses and much more. So whatever your tattoo design is, it is the symbol of something that has a special place in your life and you want to keep it with you forever with your tattoo.

Your tattoo design totally depends on your personal choice but if you are indecisive and cannot pick one then here are 6 tattoo designs almost anyone can relate to. Choose the one you find most relatable.

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1. Anchor tattoo- The anchor tattoo represents stability and security, just the way an anchor ensures that the boat is still and safe when the anchor is pulled down. It also means grounded and thus it is a great idea to combine the name or initials of the person who keeps you grounded with your anchor tattoo. Though there are hundreds of designs for just the anchor tattoo but the meaning remains the same.

Anchor Tattoo Designs Latest FashionImage Source: tattooedprince

2. Inguz- This Greek symbol which looks like two adjacent “X” has a very deep meaning to it. The symbol means that “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. This tattoo represents the never give up the spirit. It represents that you are that kind of person who is unstoppable in their life and it is your sheer will power which gets you going in the right direction no matter how many hurdles you face.

Tiny Tattoos2Image Source: media

3. OM- The om tattoo has a very deep meaning to it. It represents totality, oneness, sustenance, divine expression, evolution, manifestation and creation. The om tattoo represents an honour to the creation of life and the universe. A reverence for life along with the understanding of the universe and its motion.

Tiny Tattoos3Image Source: slodive

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4. Paper plane- Have you seen a paper plane flying? All that a paper plane needs is a little external force or push and then it finds its own way. No matter how unpredictable the path is the paper plane fly on its own bravely without being worried about anything.

Tiny Tattoos6Image Source: tattooideas247

5. Arrow- Arrow tattoos have different meaning depending on the number, design, shape and placement of the arrows. For example, a single arrow tattoo may symbolize protection or defence from danger or harm. It also represents direction or movement. when two arrows are placed forming an “X”, it represents friendship.

Tiny Tattoos4Image Source: media.tumblr
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6. Lotus- Lotus is the symbol of piousness and purity of the soul. This is because the lotus flower grows in the mud yet it is so beautiful and pure. If you decide to add colours to your tattoo, then the different colours of lotus have different meanings as well. For example, a red lotus represents passion and love, a pink lotus stands for devotion, the white lotus stands for peace and purity and so on.

Tiny Tattoos5

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