Top 6 Eye Makeup Tips For The Perfect Look


Whether you are a pro or a newbie in doing makeup, you will all agree on this that eye makeup is the trickiest one as it requires a lot of patience and practice. There are a lot of girls who face a lot of issues while selecting a perfect eyeshadow shade or while drawing perfect winged eyes. But, you don’t need to worry as it is very common. And for this reason, today in this article, we are going to share some simple eye makeup tips that will help you get that perfect look.

1. First, prep your eyelids

First, prep your EyelidsImage Source: instaglam

There are many of us who have applied eyeshadow on bare eyelids which made us realize that it doesn’t look good. So, prepping your eyelids becomes very important as it makes sure that your makeup blends well with your skin. For a perfect makeup look, make sure that your eyelids are clean and there are no traces of cream. Now, apply an eye primer to your lids. You can also apply concealer in place of a primer. Blend it well on both the eyelids and soon you will notice an even look.

2. Now, a perfect base

Now, a Perfect baseImage Source: lorealparisusa
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Once you are done with the primer, apply a nice coat of nude eyeshadow on your lids. This simple tip will help to prevent creasing and will also provide a perfect base to add other colors to your eyelid.

3. Don’t forget about the crease

Dont forget about the creaseImage Source: ytimg

You should opt for warm taupe shade for the crease because it adds a nice contour to your lid area. And it is suggested that you should avoid shimmer shade for your crease as it can make your eyelid look smaller. And after applying the color to the crease, make sure you blend it well with a brush.

4. Winged eyeliner

Winged EyelinerImage Source: ytimg

There are many people who find it easier to draw a winged eye using a liquid liner and gel eyeliner. For this, you need to make sure that your brush is thin as it helps to shape your wing according to your choice which you can’t achieve with a thick brush. Besides this, it is suggested that you should opt for matte liquid liners as it will help you get a perfect finish.

5. Thicker eyebrows

Thicker EyebrowsImage Source: lifenlesson

The days are gone when thin eyebrows were a trend. Now, people are opting for filled and big eyebrows. But, be sure that you have eyebrow product handy like a powder, pencil etc. And it is said that eyebrow powder provides the most natural finish. So, try out this simple tip and get beautiful brows.

6. Opt for right brushes

Opt for right brushesImage Source: co

When it comes to eye makeup, the tools that you are going to use for makeup play a very important part. Because if you don’t blend your makeup properly, there are chances that it will fade away quickly and will also become patchy. So, always make sure that you opt for the right blending brush to get a perfect finish.

So, these were the few eye makeup tips for a perfect look.

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