Top 6 Tips to Get Rid of Chipped Nails


Makeup is something that helps in raising the beauty quotient of a woman. And perfect nail polish is that one thing that can help in increasing the beauty of your nails. Well, we all have got chipped nails while applying nail polish at home. But, you can still prevent that by using some simple tips. So, here we are going to share some simple tips to get rid of chipped nails and get salon-like finished nails.

1. Always apply nail polish on clean nails

Always nail polish on clean nailsImage Source: healthydietbase

This is the first and most important tip to prevent your nails from becoming brittle. It is advised that you should keep your nails clean and free from dirt, oil, and creams before applying the nail paint. And it is also important to ensure that your nails are dry before you start applying the first coat of nail polish.

2. Never miss the base coat

 Never miss the base coatImage Source: hearstapps
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A base coat is something that you should never miss out while applying nail polish. This simple tip not only helps in preventing brittle nails but also helps to prevent staining of nails. So, opt for a good quality of base coat before applying the nail polish.

3. Apply multiple thin coats

 Apply multiple thin coatsImage Source: naildesigncode

There are many women who apply thick coats of nail polish. Well, let us clear you that it is a mistake. Instead, always apply multiple thin coats of nail polish which helps in preventing chipping of nails and make them look clean.

4. Let it dry completely

Let it dry completelyImage Source: co

Another tip that you should definitely follow to get that salon-like nails at home. Always make sure that you wait for at least 2 minutes before applying the next coat as it can lead to chipping of nails.

5. Soak your painted nails in cold water

 Soak your painted nails in cold waterImage Source: medium

Another tip to prevent brittle nails. All you need is to dip your polished nails in cold water to dry them fast. This method is also considered as the best way to dry out the paint.

6. Apply a top coat once in a while

Apply a top coat once in a whileImage Source: onnailsmadrid

And lastly, to prevent your nail polish from chipping, it is essential to apply a nail polish coat occasionally, because a top coat acts as a protective layer that helps your nail paint from getting chipped.

So, these were the few tips to get rid of chipped nails.

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