Top 9 Amazing Rules For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

Beautiful hair

Every girl loves the long, healthy and beautiful hair. But sometimes you don’t care well and because of it, your hair gets dry and damaged. To avoid your hair problems, you need to take a little extra care of them. There are a few things which are good for your hair and help you turn your dry and damaged hair into healthy and beautiful hair.

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Check out the list here:

1- Oiling

OilingImage Source: completewellbeing

Don’t forget to do ‘champi’. Oil locks your hair root to tips. A healthy and beautiful hair wants oiling time to time. So, massage your hair gently with oil once a week.

2- Wash your hair

Wash your hairImage Source: stylecraze

Wash your hair properly and timely for healthy and beautiful hair. You need to wash them at least 3 times a week. But remember, always use sulfate free shampoo because it’s gentle and prevents dry scalp, as healthy scalp is a reason of healthy and beautiful hair.

3- Avoid using heat tools

Avoid using heat toolsImage Source: co

You use different types of heat tools for stylish hair. But using too much heat tools can damage your hair badly. Instead of using them, try to use those tools which are not harmful to your hair like if you want to roll your hair use the roller in place of a heating machine.

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4- Use conditioner

Use conditionerImage Source: jeban

Use conditioner every time you wash your hair with shampoo. It provides moisture and helps your hair from becoming dry. Use Hedonista Argan conditioner, it is best for your healthy hair as it is all natural, silicone-free with no harmful chemical.

5- Use single brand products

Use single brand productsImage Source: whstatic

Try to use only one brand products for your hair because if you change your brand frequently it may damage your hair or you may face hair problems like hair fall. Try to stick on one product it will help you keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

6- Right food for healthy hair

Right food for healthy hairImage Source: healthsetu

Try to consume foods which are high in iron, omega-3 acids, zinc, and protein, they will help you to make your hair healthy and beautiful. Try to avoid junk food as well.

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7- Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid direct sunlightImage Source: thisbelle

Try to avoid direct sunlight, it can damage your hair. Due to sunlight, you get hair dryness and damage hair. To avoid damage use heat protectant serum, it can help you protect your hair from UV rays.

8- Regular trims

Regular trimsImage Source: hirerush

Every girl loves long hair. But your hair need regular trims because the split ends not help you to grow your hair easily and with split ends, your hair look damaged.

9- Avoid hot water

Avoid hot waterImage Source: fashionlady

Wash your hair with normal water because hot water damages your hair and makes it dry.