Try These 6 Hair Care Hacks For Beautiful Hair

Hair care hacks

Hair care hacks can turn out to be a saviour for us.

Perfect hair is a dream of every girl. For nice looking and healthy hair, a lot of care and attention is needed even at the time you sleep. Yes, you heard it right. Most of us just ignore this but it is really important to take care of them before going to bed. If you really want to have nice hair day then start following some hair care hacks which you are going to read further.

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Here are some hair care hacks that will protect your hair from damage and breakage:

1. Keep your hair dry

Keep your hair dryImage Source: huffpost

Always dry your hair before going to bed because it increases the chances of breakage and split ends. It can also make your hair smell bad. So, try to keep them by using fan or hair dryer.

2. Don’t tie your hair too tight

Don't tie your hair too tightImage Source: cutegirlshairstyles

After waking up if you feel slight pain in head because of your hair then this is time to get alert. Always try to make low bun, braid or ponytail before going to bed. And avoid sleeping with untied hair as you will make your hair tangled. This hair care hack is a must for every girl.

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3. Silk pillow case

Silk pillow caseImage Source: ikub

Pillow case is something which comes in direct contact with your hair. Most of us use cotton pillow cases but do you know that it’s not good for your hair? Because cotton has a harsh texture which can easily catch dust particles which make your hair worse. Instead of cotton try to use silk pillow case as it is soft and maintains the moisture of your hair.

4. Comb your hair before going to bed

Comb your hair before going to bedImage Source: bestoftens

Another important hair care hack to remember. Always comb your hair before sleeping from tip to end so that in that your hair is arranged and organised well.

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5. Stay away from clutches and bands

Stay away from clutches and bandsImage Source: co

Most of us make this mistake by leaving our hair tied with clutches and bands which can later cause trouble. Try to avoid tying up your hair before you go to sleep and use cotton made bands. Another hair care hack to keep in mind.

6. Treat your hair with baby powder or corn-starch

Treat your hair with baby powder or corn-starchImage Source: s-nbcnews

And the last hair care hack is how to get rid of oily hair. If you have an oily hair before going to bed and want to make it look oil-free then apply some baby powder or corn-starch on your hair tips and see the magic.