5 Easy & Effective Kitchen Hacks To Help You Save Time


When we’re in rush we wish to wind up things in the shortest way possible in the kitchen. Isn’t it?  So, here we need some hacks to make life easier. 

When have we ever denied a little help? And a little help is all that matters for completing those time-consuming kitchen tasks. Too many things to do in a very short time, it doesn’t harm you to know about these few easy life hacks.

Hacks, as the name suggests, make your life easier, and more sorted when you know how to use them properly. For many of us, the kitchen feels like a daunting place, where everything is complicated, from understanding the measurements of the ingredients to turning that stove or oven on.

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From hundreds and thousands of kitchen hacks, we bring you 5 simple hacks that will surely help you get along in the kitchen.

1. Keep Your Leafy-Lettuce Fresh

Lettuce is mostly water, so keeping moisture out of this leafy vegetable is quite a task. But here is a quick hack to save you from the trouble.

After washing your lettuce, wrap it in a paper towel to soak the excess water, and then put the lettuce in a container. Then place a new and fresh paper towel on the lettuce from the above and cover up using a cellophane or store in a ziplock bag instead. Place it in the refrigerator to increase its shelf life.

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2. Peel That Garlic Like A Pro

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Peeling garlic is never easy and the worst part is that you are left with smelly fingers at last. But, using this simple hack, you can easily peel garlic now without smelling your fingers.

First, take a garlic and a clean container with a tight lid. Then declutter the garlic cloves roughly so they become loose and then put them all in that container. Cover the lid and shake it for good 15 seconds. Now open the box and take out everything on the platform. Separate the peeled garlic cloves and throw away the rest.

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3. Make Your Fruits Juicier In Microwave

Have you noticed how your mom often rolls your fruits to make them juicier? Well, you can tell her to stop wasting her energy on that and try this instead.

Simply take the fruit that you want to make juicier and microwave it for 10-30 seconds. Take the fruit out enjoy its juiciness at the best.

4. Shake Off That Hard Boiled Egg

You would agree with us if we say that peeling off a hard-boiled egg is a work of art, and we even destroy our delicious egg in the process. But this simple hack will make peeling a hard-boiled egg look like a child’s game.

Take a glass and fill it ¾ with water. Now put your hard-boiled egg in it, and cover the opening of the glass with your palm. Now start shaking if off in a frequent speed, for 10-15 seconds. Stop and drain the excess water. Pull the peel of the egg and you will see how easily it will come off. And you will get your cleanly peeled hard-boiled egg.

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5. Reheat Your Pizza Into Crispy Crust

We all love pizza, and sometimes we store them for the next day. But eating a pizza cold spoils its taste and makes it loose & soggy too. Why don’t you try this hack and tell us how much did it help you?

Take a glass of water in a microwavable glass and place it in the microwave, right next to your pizza. Now heat your pizza (slice) like you do it usually. Now, take out your pizza with a crispy crust, all fresh and ready to eat.

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Try them all out today and share your comments in the space provided below.

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