10 Genius Ways to Get Rid Of Cockroaches Effectively


They are annoying and disgusting, aren’t they? You all will agree on this. Cockroaches are ever running problematic creatures in almost every Indian household. They are a big-time nasty thing that every housewife is troubled with. But no matter how hard you try, they keep coming on. See, they’re so much in love with us. Pun intended!

But to be precise, they are no good for the house and they can’t be ignored at the same time. They transmit diseases, spoil the walls, and damage things, and whatnot.

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Basic Rules to Get Rid of Cockroaches

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  1.  Keep your house squeaky clean, especially the kitchen. Clean your kitchen counter after preparing meals. If possible, spray your counter with an anti-bacterial spray.
  2.  Wash your dishes after having the meals. Don’t let them stink in the sink for long.
  3.  Clean the kitchen floor as well after cooking the meal and don’t leave any crumbs or spills on the floor.
  4.  Throw your trash out regularly. Do not let the trash stink in the trash can for long. There will act as a perfect abode for cockroaches. Have a trash can with a lid.
  5.  If you’re having any water leaks in the house, remember to fix it. Cockroaches love water and damp places.
  6.  After throwing away the trash from the trash can, wash the can thoroughly with water.

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Dead cockroaches on the floor

Best Ways to Get Rid Of Cockroaches At Home

If you’ve tried enough baits that are available in the market and claim to eliminate cockroach with a single use and you still find those monsters in your kitchen. Then we conclude that you need to try some homemade cockroach baits instead of these market-based ones. The basic idea behind homemade bait is to keep them at bay and kill them at the same time.

1. Coffee grinds
The aroma of coffee charms cockroaches butt the caffeine in the coffee can actually kill them. To prepare this bait, you need few empty jars, coffee grinds and small cups. Fill half of the jars with water. Fill the cups with wet coffee grinds. Place those cups in the jars half-filled with water. Place these assemblies in the roaches prone areas. When the roaches will enter these jars, they won’t be able to escape from it. Clear the jar after 2 or 3 days every time there are a number of cockroaches in the jar. Refill the jar with some water and coffee grinds. Place it again to roaches-prone areas until you find none in your home.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches3

2. Flour and boric acid
This is one of the most effective homemade baits to kill cockroaches. Mix one part of boric acid, one part powdered white sugar and one part flour. Sprinkle this mixture in the powdered form in the areas where you find the cockroaches. Place it under the kitchen cabinets, drain covers, under the gas stove, back of the nightstand. Keep it away from edibles as boric acid is slightly toxic to humans and pets. It can cause food poisoning.

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Get Rid Of Cockroaches4

3. Fabric softener
Cockroaches are highly irritable to fragrances. They breathe through their skin so it makes them suffocated when exposed to fragrances. You can easily spray anything which smells good on their skin and kills them. This can make them suffocated and kill them. Fabric softener is, however, more preferred to kill cockroaches. They are soap and fragrant as well. Cockroaches find it difficult to breathe in soapy solutions too. Mix one capful of fabric softener with a half cup of water. Transfer this solution to a spray bottle. And there you go. Go, ninja, whenever you find a cockroach and spray this liquid on them.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches5

4. Pandan leaves
These are vanilla-like scented leaves which are used for making Asian Delicacies. This herb can also kill pests. Take a pandan leaf and cut it into the half. Tie them together and keep them in all those places of the house where cockroaches can take shelter- behind the drawers, under the gas stove, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. it have dual benefits. IT keeps the house smelling fresh while repelling those nasty roaches. Replace them when you notice them drying out.

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Get Rid Of Cockroaches6

5. Cayenne, garlic and onion
No, we are not asking you to prepare delicacies for cockroach party! But these are just the natural remedies to repel the cockroaches. Add some crushed garlic, crushed onion and cayenne pepper to boiling water. Let the concoction cool down and transfer it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution in the cockroach-infested areas.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches7

6. Hairspray
OMG! Who’s going to spray their precious hair spray on those nasty creatures? Well, some might save themselves in times of emergency. Who knows it might come in handy when you just spot a cockroach on your dressing table while styling your hair. When you spray hair spray on the roaches, it sticks their wings together. Plus, it seals their skin, which I told you is their medium of respiration. The roach will soon succumb to the suffocation. Whenever you see them next time, set their hair right!

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Get Rid Of Cockroaches8

7. Baking soda and sugar
Don’t start scrubbing your skin with the mixture. I know how good it is for your skin. But it can be used as an alternative for borax to scare away cockroaches. Make a mixture of sugar and baking soda in equal parts. The sugar in the mixture lures the cockroaches while soda just adds some fizz to their gut. These tiny creatures can’t hold up gas like we do. So they blow up! Okay, kidding. The roaches soon get killed by the gas. Sprinkle this mixture in the roach infested areas of your house.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches9

8. Cucumber peels
The response for this homemade bait is mixed. Some loved it while others didn’t find it as efficient. Since cucumbers are easily available in our country and doesn’t cost much, you can try this trick for once. The smell emitted from the cucumber peels is intolerable for roaches. Place fresh peels of cucumber in a can, and place those cans in the roach prone area. Notice the effect.

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9. Catnips
This is a herb which belongs to the mint family. It is totally harmless to humans and pets. It makes the cats go crazy. It have a stimulating effect on the brains and hormones of a cat and make them feel ecstatic. So if you have cats and don’t want them to go all crazy, you can opt for other remedies. If you don’t have a cat then go and purchase a small sachet of catnip and hang them in the roach infested areas. You can also prepare a tea out of it and spray it on the areas where the roaches take shelter.

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10. Soda bottle traps
You must probably be knowing about this trick already. It is a very common roach trap and the best way to get rid of cockroaches. Cut the upper part of the soda bottle and remove its cap. Place it inverted like a funnel on the lower part of the bottle. Make a solution of soap and water and pour it into the bottle. The roaches will climb up the bottle and fall into it. Tada!

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I hope you’ll find these tricks handy!

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