6 Reasons Why Pizza is NOT Good for Your Health!


Pizza is undoubtedly a treat to our taste buds. There’s no harm in having Pizza once in a blue moon. But there is a bad news for those who cannot go a day or two without having a pizza. Pizza is not good for our health. Just like any other junk food, pizza is the secret cause to abrupt weight gain, high cholesterol, digestive disorders and much more. A single slice of pizza is loaded with 300 calories, 14 gms of fats and 700 mg of sodium. Now guess what happens when you gulp down a whole medium pizza?

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1. Pizza Is Made Up of Refined Flour

We don’t need to be told anymore how harmful refined flour is for our health. Pizza is made up of refined flour which is deprived of any nutrient, vitamin or fibre content. It does nothing for our health than to increase the belly fat.

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2. Cheese Used in Pizza Can Increase the Risk of Heart Disease

Overdosing on cheese can increase the levels of bad cholesterol in our body and increase the risk of heart diseases. If you’re a chicken pizza lover, then the fat content is even higher.

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3. Pizza Can Increase Blood Pressure

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The high sodium levels in Pizza can cause hypertension if you have it daily. If you have a whole pizza in one go, you’re already overdosing your recommended daily sodium intake.

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4. You Can Get Addicted to Pizza

The ingredients in the pizza can make you addicted to it. It will secrete a hormone that will make your brain addicted to it.

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5. It Can Cause Fluctuations in Your Sugar Levels

Daily consumption of pizza can disturb the sugar balance in your body. It can increase your sugar levels suddenly and then crash it after some time. This happens because of the refined flour and the additives in a pizza.

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6. It Causes Acidity

The ingredients of pizza like cheese, sauce and refined flour crust upsets the stomach and often causes acidity. If you already suffer from acidity, then stay away from pizza. You should never replace your regular lunch or dinner with the pizza. If you really want to have pizza, have it as a snack and not as a meal.

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