Try These 8 Gothic Eye Makeup for This Shaadi Season!


Either it’s your lips or your eyes do the talking. If you’re not the lover of sultry lipstick shades, then you can try your hands on eye makeup. For the lovers of the subtle makeup, these eye makeup styles will mesmerize you as well as those who’ll look at you. Good news, you don’t need to be an expert at holding makeup brushes to perfect these makeup looks.

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Check them out…

1. Nude Eye Makeup
Simplest of all. Roll over your nude lipstick and smudge it over your eyelids till your brow bone. Blend it out carefully, and you’re done!

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2. Glossy Lids
It doesn’t require much time at all. And the level of difficulty? It’s almost null! Even a kid can master this look. Swipe your clear lip gloss over your eyelids to give them a dewy look.


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3. Smudgy Liner
Grab your eyeliner pencil (A waterproof one!) and smudge it on the outer edge of your lower lash line. Don’t fill the inner corners of your lower lids.

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4. Soft Cut Crease
This one might require a bit of time just because you’ll be needing to use a brush for this. Grab an angled eye brush and smear some grey eyeshadow on the outer corner of your lids, just like a winged eyeliner.

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5. Bright Eyeliner
Ditch the same old black and grab a brightly coloured eyeliner. Apply it like you would apply your regular black eyeliner. Voila!

gothic-eye-makeup-tips-for-this-wedding-season-5Image Source: prettydesigns

6. Two-Shaded
Use a taupe and a grey eyeshadow to create this look. Line your eyelids with a grey eyeshadow and cover the rest of your lid with the taupe eyeshadow.

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7. Bright Inner Corners
You just need a bright white eyeshadow and some mascara to recreate this look. Highlight your inner corners of eyes with a bright eyeshadow to make your eyes look more awake.

gothic-eye-makeup-tips-for-this-wedding-season-7Image Source: leadinginstanteyelift


8. All-Over Gold
Use a shimmery gold eyeshadow to line both of your upper and lower lids. That’s it!

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