Value These 10 Beauty Habits For A Clear & Glowing Skin


Do your ever secretly admire and envy that girl’s flawless skin and fair complexion? Are you tired of trying almost every trick that you know of and failing over and over again? Do you wish to know her magical secrets to get a fair and flawless skin like hers? Don’t worry pretty ones, we have all the answers for you.

It is not impossible to get such a desirable skin, but yes, you do need to follow some rules and value some important habits that result in such a bright and clear skin. In this article, you will know about some healthy and useful habits that girl follows to get such a beautiful and radiant skin.

Let’s take a look at 10 such habits that you must value at all costs to get that flawless and glowing skin.

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1. Value Your Precious Sleep
Getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep minimum is a must for those who are blessed with such fair and beautiful skin. Insufficient sleep does not only give you dark circles, wrinkles and puffy eyes, but it also makes a harsh impact on your health. Plus, a good night’s sleep ensures a radiant complexion and a relaxed mind!

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2. Drink The Right Liquids
Of course, a nice weekend getaway if fun with friends, and the only thing to beat the stress that you can find are the shots that you do to add the spark to the enjoyment. But we doubt that the same could be said for your skin though! And not just the alcohol, even those coffee mugs are harmful to your precious skin. Instead, you can drink lots of water and fresh juices made from veggies & fruits, to stay well-hydrated and get that clear and glowing skin.

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3. Moisturizing Everyday
We are sure that girl does hydrate and moisturize her skin every day or even twice a day, to get that flawless skin! In fact, you should follow this trick as well. I mean, I can’t even imagine a day without applying a good moisturizer on my skin. It gives me a baby soft and supple skin.

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4. Washing Face Before Going To Bed
Not to mention how important this step is, but we would still emphasize on washing your face every night before you go to bed, girls. The makeup and dirt clog the skin pores and you end up with dull-looking skin full of acne and pimples. Washing your face with a good face wash or using any home remedy will lighten your skin and will give it time to breathe naturally.

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5. Sugar! I Don’t Even Know What That Is?
Have you ever noticed a girl with a fabulous skin in any cake shop or buying candies? I guess not. Because my beauties, girls with flawless skin stays miles away from those sugary foods and drinks at all costs. Salads, yogurt, nuts and fish are their first choice of foods that they eat and live for. What you eat is what comes out on your skin! Which means if you eat junk then the effects will become visible on your skin, but if you choose to opt a healthy diet, then we guess nothing can be better than that for you, my lovelies.

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6. Sunscreen For A BFF!
Girls who swear by their sunscreen carelessly step out even without any makeup on. Yes, there are many who are naturally beautiful but fail to maintain their beauty, but others happily take good care of their beauty. A girl’s BFF should be her sunscreen before any other makeup product. Especially keeping in mind that you pick a sunscreen with high SPF, that won’t fail to protect your skin from the sun.

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7. Cleaning The Makeup Brushes Regularly
When makeup brushes come in contact with your skin, again and again, they tend to develop germs and bacteria with all the makeup stuck in those bristles. So, it is important to clean those least susceptible objects at regular intervals as well. Otherwise, we can assure you that acnes will soon be following after every makeup session. Clean your brushes once every week!

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8. Remove All Those Layers From Your Skin Before Sleeping
Sleeping with the makeup on is the worst possible thing that you can ever do to your skin. Clogging promotes acne and blemishes on your skin, so removing all those layers before bed is essential. Make it a habit of wearing off that makeup as soon as you get home, and you will soon notice the difference, with a clearer and fairer skin.

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9. Never Touch The Face Or Pick On The Skin Unnecessarily!
You will never see girls with flawless skin picking on their skin or popping out their zits (which aren’t there in the first place, *flawless remember*). Even if you feel itchy, use wet wipes to soothe your skin, or better is to just let it be. This will prevent the germs from spreading and spoiling your perfect beauty.

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10. Stay Far Away From Hot Showers!
Hot showers might sound relaxing good, but they surely do no good to your skin. Bathing in hot water strips off all the natural oils from your body and make it dull & dry. If you feel like using some relaxing time, then you can get a lukewarm water shower, which will be mild on your skin and relax your body at the same time.

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