Want Perfect Eye Makeup? Try These Awesome Eye Makeup Hacks


Want to know why eye makeup is so much important to you? Read on…

We all spend hours in parlours and makeup tutorials to get that perfect look. But most of the times we won’t get the desired results and land into something else. But do you know that every part of the face has different makeup requirements? And the most noticed part of the face is the eyes. Eyes are the most attractive part of our face. So, it becomes more important to have a perfect eye makeup.

In this post, you will read some simple eye makeup hacks that you can follow to get that perfect eye makeup to flaunt your adorable eyes.

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Here are the tips that every girl should follow to get perfectly gleaming eyes:

1. Use light colour

Use light colourimage source:.ytimg

If you have a close eye set, then choose a lighter colour for your inner corner as it adds volume to your eyes and makes your look sexier. Always choose a colour lighter than your skin tone for the inner corner of your eyes. It would be proved a very important hack for eye makeup.

2. Add dimension to your lids

Add dimension to your lidsimage source: makeupgeek

This is another important hack for eye makeup. For the eyelids, you can spread over a single eyeshadow or can add dimensions like starting light with the inner and making it darker on the outer side. You can do this with simple eyeshadows or shimmers. This will help in creating layers thus adding dimensions to your eyes.

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3. Create an outer V

Create an outer Vimage source: i.ytimg

For this eye makeup, start from the outer eye corner creating a V shape moving upwards. With a darker shade of eyeshadow, it creates the smokey effect and adds depth.

4. Colour your crease

Colour-your-creaseimage source: i.ytimg

Crease is just above your eyelids. Applying colour on the crease adds dimension to the eyes and you can choose the colour according to your outfit. This is a very useful eye makeup hack to pop up your eyes.

5. Highlight your brow bone

Highlight your brow boneimage source: kosova

This eye makeup hack adds volume to your eyes. Browbone is below your eyebrows. You can highlight this area with gold and silver colour or another shimmer colour to get a perfect look that you desire.

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6. And at last the waterline

And at last the waterlineimage source: squarespace

A very important eye makeup hack to remember. Waterline is where you apply kajal. To make your eyes look bright, apply light colours to the waterline or you can use cream based eyeliner too. To get a smokey effect apply dense black kajal and smudge it with a pencil in the lower lash area.

Now, when you know all these amazing eye makeup hacks try them and let us know about your experience.

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