Waxing Before Or After A Shower? Everything You Need To Know


When it comes to having silky soft and smooth skin, nothing could be more effective than waxing. The procedure might cause severe pain, but it is a vital part of your regular beauty routine. But, the one question which makes us doubtful is what the suitable time for waxing is. If you go to a salon or do yourself at home, you must know when to have waxing after or before a shower. So, in this article, we will explore the truth about going hairless.

Waxing secrets you must know

Before we go deeper to discover the truth about the timing of waxing, here are some effective tricks that will make the hair removal session easy, simple, and less painful.

  • The length of the hair is an important factor. Ensure that it is an inch long at the time of waxing. If hair is longer, you will feel pain while pulling it whereas the shorter hair would not get pulled from the root. A trim is suggested for the hair that is too long.
  • Do not go for larger area, especially when you are starting the procedure. It will not only increase pain but also prevent hair from getting removed from the root. Start with a really small area and go ahead slowly.
  • Make sure the wax is cold before you use it. If you apply too hot wax, you may take some of the skin off while removing.
  • Exfoliatethose areas you are about to wax with some gentle and effective scrub. It will bring the hair on the surface of skin by removing the layer of the dead cells, so making it easy to pull it from the root.
  • If you are much worried about the pain, apply a good numbing cream and take an OTC pain killer before undergoing the method. Both these will help in minimizing the pain to a great extent. If you have ultra-sensitive skin, cold compress would help you a lot.
  • Do not do waxingright before your menstrual cycle as skin remains very sensitive and your pain tolerance ability becomes the lowest.

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Waxing after or before a shower?

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Taking a shower before waxing

Many people think that taking a shower just before waxing is good as it could benefit the process and the skin. But, have a close look at the fact and know the advantages and disadvantages of it.

(a) Pros

Using warm water for taking shower is a good option, especially if anyone is planning for a waxing. It could else close the skin pores and also make the process of hair removal much easier. The more the pores get opened up, the less and faster painful the waxing will be.

(b) Cons

  1. Taking shower with warm water makes our skin softer. So, if you wax just after this, the hot wax used in the process might irritate your skin, cause a bruise or also burn it. So, you might end up messing up whole procedure and cause harm to yourself.
  2. It will become difficult for dead skin cells on the uppermost layer of the skin to be removed easily if you wax just after taking shower. As the skin turn softer, the skin would not remain dry and so, you won’t be able to get rid of those loose cells.

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Taking a shower after waxing

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The question arises what would happen when a person takes a shower after waxing? Should you follow this method instead of previous one? Let’s make the fact clear by knowing the pros and cons of the procedure:

(a) Pros

Taking a shower just after the process of waxing is a good idea as it helps in cleaning up. The ingredient used in it is very sticky, which makes the process messy. So, a shower is surely necessary after this process.

(b) Cons:

There is no such consequence of this procedure.

It is clear from above that taking a shower just after waxing is definitely a right choice. This way, the skin would feel not only soft but also fresh. But, you shouldn’t opt for a post-wax topical treatment for the next 24 hours. Avoid using cosmetics containing any alcohol, synthetic perfume, etc. in order to prevent the skin from drying and getting irritated. Also, don’t wear tight outfits and avoid direct sun exposure  after undergoing the waxing session. So, are you planning for waxing right way?

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