Why Afternoon is the Best Time to Have Sex!


Sex is something which draws a husband and a wife closer to each other. It is a means through which couples express their love to each other. Now the question arises, what should be the ideal time to have sex. If you believe the facts and surveys, 3:00 pm in the afternoon is the best time to have sex. Though most of the people are doing their 9-5 job at their offices.

Scientists believe that 3:00 pm is the best time to have sex. At this time, both men and women have increased libido. During the noon time, a hormone named cortisol is at its peak in women. That is why most of the women are in their most energetic form during the noon. Similarly, it happens to the men. The testosterone levels in men are at its peak during this time. An English website says that couples who have sex during the afternoon are more sexually satisfied with their partners. In fact, if you have sex during this time of the day, you’ll feel more emotionally bonded to your partner.

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A research has concluded when men are asleep, their body synthesises a hormone called testosterone which reaches its peak during the afternoon. It has also been revealed that it is considered ideal to have sex 10 days after ovulation, because at this time, the oestrogen level in women is increased. Though, earlier reports have said that morning is the best time to have sex because both of the husband and wives are fresh and revitalised during this time of the day.

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