You Can Prevent Pimples Forever Just By Saying ‘No’ To This Food!


We never imagined that such a simple thing could be causing our pimples all the time! There are times during our teenage when our skin just flares up with acne and blemishes. It is just an on and off thing. But what about the adult acne? Most of the people these days complain about adult acne.

You blamed it on the humid weather, pollution, fast food, etc. but who’s the real culprit? Embrace yourself! It is none other than our favourite ‘Dairy Products’! And we’re not exaggerating it here. Cutting off dairy products can be one stop solution to getting clear skin.

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Most of the beauty experts have confirmed that many people are intolerant to dairy products without even knowing about it. The reason behind dairy products causing acne is the fact that milk contains hormones which trigger on the oil glands. The overproduction of oil kind of creates a traffic jam in our pores, which thereafter causes acne. The more milk you drink, more acne you’ll get!

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What Should You Do To Get Clear Skin?
The answer is very simple! Just cut off the dairy products from your diet. I know it isn’t easy. There two ways to carry it out. Either you completely eliminate the dairy intake in your diet. This means you have to cut off all the sources of dairy products from your diet for 30 days. After a month, you’ll noticeably see some changes in your skin. Happy ones, to be precise! Another way out is just reducing the intake of dairy products. Even if you do, just make sure that the milk is being brought from the organic farms. Such type of milk is also available in the supermarket as well. If after a month, you see favourable changes in your skin. Then kudos! You’re good to go with it.

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How To Diagnose That You’re Lactose Intolerant?
Unfortunately, there is no way to diagnose this. So the one and only test to it is elimination test. Steer clear from the dairy products for at least 2 weeks and notice the changes. Reintroduce the dairy products and then again notice the changes. Monitor your skin response to the dairy and sans-dairy diet.

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