10 Beauty Products a Girl Must Have in Her Car


When you’re rushing to your work, you get the least time to get ready. Doing the makeup is a distant thing. Sometimes, we even forget to put some of our beauty essentials. Now imagine, you came out of your house without even the minimal preparations and then you receive a text telling that you have a lunch date today. What next?

In such emergency situations, your car can be your saviour. Have you seen that tiny glovebox? We aren’t going to store our gloves in it anyway. But we can definitely use it to store our emergency beauty essentials. So here are few beauty essentials that should always be there in your car.

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1. Blotting Paper
You can use to dab excess oil from your face before going to an important meeting.

beauty-products1Image Source: happyskin

2. Hand Cream
Stash a bottle of hand cream in your car glove box. You never know when your hands begin to feel dry and parched.

beauty-products2Image Source: co

3. Facial Mist
Freshen up your skin with a facial mist. You can wake up your skin before your lunch date.

beauty-products3Image Source: stuffiloveblog

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4. Makeup Brushes
A set of makeup brushes should always be there in your glove box. Who knows when you might need to do a quick makeup for an important meeting.

beauty-products4Image Source: wordpress

5. Dry Shampoo
Girls can be pretty lazy when it comes to washing hair. So you can revive your lifeless tresses with the help of a dry shampoo.

beauty-products5Image Source: birchbox

6. Facial Wipes
Keep a pack of non-alcoholic facial wipes in your purse. You can clean off your smudged kajal or bleeding lipstick with a facial wipe.

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7. A Bottle of Perfume
It’s unpredictable when you might need to smell good. Body odour can be a great turn off.

beauty-products7Image Source: co

8. Nail Paint Remover
A half-done manicure can draw much attention but in a negative way. So you can clean up your half-done nails in a jiffy.

beauty-products8Image Source: ytimg

9. Mascara
Even if your eye makeup is not, a hint of mascara can brighten up your eyes in a minute.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious MascaraImage Source: beautezine

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10. Compact Powder
You can never underestimate the power of a compact powder. Always keep compact powder in your car.

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