10 Easy-To-Make Nail Art Designs


Our nails deserve to be pampered as much as our skin and hair. And pampering doesn’t mean that you get them pedicured only, they need some colors and art to brighten them up as well. But we cannot head straight to the parlor every time to get them perfectly designed with different ideas.

So, we have stated a stepwise tutorial for all those beautiful ladies, who loves to pamper their delicate nails with decorating them. Follow the steps carefully and you can create any design, as you desire, at home only.

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Nail Art Tutorial For Hand Painted Designs

Here is a tutorial that you can try yourself to get beautiful and clean hand painted nail art.

What You Need:

• White Nail Polish
• Basecoat
• Sponges
• A Transparent Top Coat
• A Glitter Polish
• Acrylic Paints In Colors of your choice
• A Silver or Golden Nail Polish
• A Gel-based Nail Polish of your choice
• Paint Brushes

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Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Apply a basecoat to protect your nails from chipping and the acrylic paints as well. it also gives some extra strength to your nails.
Step 2: Now apply a layer of white nail polish, which will make your base color opaquer.
Step 3: When the white nail polish gets dried, apply the gel-based nail polish with a color of your choice. Let it get completely dry.
Step 4: Now, if you wish to create a shade pattern, then you must you a sponge to do the trick for you. For that, take the nail color of your choice on a palette and use a sponge to spread it, making a shading pattern on your nail like an Ombre nail. Let it get dry.
Step 5: Or you can also take silver nail polish on the palette and spread it lightly all over your nail using a new sponge. Remove the stains outside the nail boundary using a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover.

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Step 6: Next, you must apply a coat of glitter nail polish evenly over your nails. Give it proper time to dry completely.
Step 7: Take your choice of acrylic colors on a palette and use thin nail art brushes to draw designs of your choice. Or you can also use the simple nail paints to make the nail art, but using the thin nail art brushes only.
Step 8: Give your nail art appropriate time to dry and set or at least 20 minutes before you move on to next step.
Step 9: Then, apply top coat at last, to seal the design at place. And your nail art is ready to flaunt!

Top 10 Nail Art Designs That You Can Easily Make At Home

Here are top 10 designs that you can try at home, without making a mess of it, by simply following the stepwise tutorial stated above.

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Design 1:

Image Source:  naildesignart

Design 2:

Image Source: deviantart

Design 3:

Image Source: i.ytimg

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Design 4:

Image Source: static

Design 5:

Image Source: inkcloth

Design 6:

Image Source: funnystack

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Design 7:

Image Source: healthywomenx

Design 8:

Image Source: i.ytimg

Design 9:

Image Source: i.ytimg

Design 10:

Image Source: media-cache

We are sure, you must be overwhelmed by these amazing nail art designs by now! so why don’t you go ahead and try them yourself. Share your experience with us in the comment box below.