These Kinds Of People Must Avoid Drinking Too Much Green Tea


Who would have thought that one of the most sought ought ingredient for the effective weight loss can be harmful too! Green tea, which is a herbal tea originated from China, has successfully set its root in the Indian market.
It helps to aid digestion and a healthy weight loss. And if you consume this oldest herbal tea in moderation, then it certainly helps in lowering your cholesterol level and also lowers the risk of death by 5%.
It is okay to consume a hot cup of this tea twice or thrice a day, but sipping on it for more than 3-4 times, can affect your health. In fact, in can cause severe health issues, especially for the people who fall sick often.

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In this article, we have stated a list of 4 such kinds of people who must avoid drinking too much of green tea at all costs.

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1. Pregnant Ladies

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If you are pregnant or are planning on conceiving soon, then it is important that you avoid consuming green tea for more than 1 or 2 times in a day. Green tea consists of caffeine, that passes through our blood streams, which goes directly to the foetus, and is bad for its health. This will affect the health of the baby after birth and might even lead to various complications.

In fact, we would recommend you consult your doctor before consuming anything that contains caffeine.

2. Anaemic

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Green tea can be fatal for those who are suffering from anaemia, as this herbal tea reduces the consumption of iron in your body, and being anaemic, iron is the most important thing your body needs right now.

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3. Insomnia

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Green tea has a good amount of filtered caffeine, which helps to boost adrenaline and blocks those sleep-inducing chemicals in your body. so, if you are having trouble sleeping or are undergoing the treatment for insomnia, then it’s a must for you to avoid drinking green tea at all. Or else you might be just jeopardizing with your life.

4. High Blood Pressure & Diabetic Patients

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No doctor would ever recommend or allow you to drink green tea, even not in moderate amount. Because it interferes with the blood sugar levels and causes adrenaline in your body. So, it is harmful to both diabetic and high blood pressure patients. It might cause you heartburn, anxiety, dizziness etc. even if you drink it in moderate amount.

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Now that you know the side effects of this herbal tea, we would suggest that you stay away from it if you fall under any one of the four categories of people stated above.

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