10 Foods to Avoid When Having Menstrual Cramps


Having a slight pain during your menstruation is a common thing to happen. But there are few women who experience a sharp piercing pain during their periods. Women often rely on pain killers to get rid of the cramps easily. But let me tell you, these painkillers can be very damaging to your health in long run. If you want to avoid getting severe cramps during periods, avoid these foods first.

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1. Caffeine
Caffeine in tea, coffee or soft drinks can be more harmful than you think. They can worsen your menstrual cramps. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels and increase the blood pressure. so the cramps increase when you consume caffeine.

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2. Chocolate
While some believe that chocolate eases menstrual cramps. But the truth says otherwise. Chocolate also contains caffeine and it aggravates your cramps as much as coffee does. So stay away from your favourite chocolate during periods.


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3. Red Meat
No matter how big a non-veg lover you are, it is advised to stay away from red meat during your periods. The arachidonic acid will stimulate your prostaglandins, which further causes menstrual cramps.

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4. Dairy Products
Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter and curd should be avoided during periods. They contain arachidonic acid which causes menstrual cramps.

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5. Too Salty Food
Chips and other salty foods should be avoided at any cost. Salt leads to water retention and increases menstrual cramps.

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6. Pickles
Some girls can’t have a single meal without a pickle. But you should stay away from pickles during your periods. The amount of sodium in pickles can cause water retention.

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7. Fried Food
Too much oily and fatty food increases the levels of oestrogen in your body. This causes an imbalance in the uterus and leads to menstrual cramps.

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8. Too Much Sugar
Sugar is the chief component that should be avoided during menstrual cramps. It causes inflammation. Stay away from sugary food as much as you can.

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9. Canned Food
Avoid canned food or processed food at any cost. They have extremely high quantities of sodium and thus cause water retention.

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10. Alcohol
If you love having a glass of wine or rum everyday, cease your routine for these 4-5 days. Alcohol causes bloating in your lower abdomen. It also contains diuretic which causes water retention in the body.

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If you suffer from too severe menstrual cramps, get yourself checked by a gynaecologist.

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