10 Fun Ways to Use Laung (Clove) for Perfect Skin!


Laung is a widely-used spice that has originated from Indonesia. We all are well-versed with the culinary and medicinal qualities of cloves. But have we ever thought about the beauty benefits of cloves? Strange, isn’t it?

Let me tell you, clove is blessed with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, local anaesthetics and anti-oxidant properties. Clove is also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which you might know, are the beauty ingredients in many of the cosmetics.

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So, let’s not waste time and introduce you to some 10 awesome methods to use Laung for your beauty benefits.

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1. Goodbye Acne!
Troubled by frequent breakouts? It’s time to say goodbye to pesky pimples forever. You can easily get the clove oil from any medical store. But remember, that clove oil is very strong. Mix it with any other oil like coconut oil or olive oil and apply it on your pimples and pimple marks.

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2. Pimple Marks and Scars
Clove oil is known for its excellent scar reduction properties. Mix some clove oil with olive oil and apply it on your marks and scars. This wonderful herb oil will do the magic on your skin. Welcome your smooth and radiant skin.

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3. Anti-Ageing
Clove oil is anti-ageing as well. You can apply the clove oil regularly to see the visible results on your skin. Mix the clove oil with any carrier oil and massage it on your skin regularly to see significant results. You will ditch your pricey anti-ageing cream after using it.

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4. Clear and Fresh Skin
If your skin looks tired all the time, you can use the clove oil to awaken your skin instantly. This herbal oil refreshes and rejuvenates your skin. With regular usage, your skin will start looking fresh and radiant from within. Who needs makeup then?

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5. Blood Purifier
Sometimes, the scars and blemishes on our skin are caused by the impurities in your skin. No beauty product can work on your skin if your blood isn’t purified. Apply clove oil on your skin on a regular basis to purify your skin from within. You will see the improved texture of your skin within few days.

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6. Relax Your Skin
Clove oil is said to reduce the stress. After the end of the day, you can smear some clove oil on your pulse points to relax your facial muscles immediately. You can add a few drops of clove oil in your lotions and creams to feel relaxed.

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7. Boost the Collagen
Due to the pollution in the environment and action of free radicals on our collagen fibres, our skin looks tensed and dull. To combat this, you can cover your face with a scarf every time you step out of the house. But still, some of the pollutants enter your skin through the fine pores of the fabric. Apply clove oil daily to prevent the oxidative damage of your collagen by free radicals.

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8. Insect Bites
Got bitten by a wasp? Don’t worry. Clove oil has a remedy for this as well. Don’t scratch the wound as it might cause scarring. Apply few drops of clove oil on your affected area to prevent scarring and itching. Mix the clove oil with some lotion before applying it to your skin.

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9. Moisturizing
Add few drops of clove oil to your moisturizing cream or lotion and then see the magic. Apply your moisturizer on your skin and you will see that it much more soothing than before.

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10. Make Up
Add few drops of clove oil to your foundation. You will see that your skin is smoother and even after adding the clove oil.

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