10 Myths About Alcohol That Need to Be Busted ASAP!


Sorry to break this to you, but not all drinking lessons you’ve been learning are true. In fact, most of them are what we call just ‘Myths’! These myths about alcohol are propagated by either parents or the peers. In fact, some of the earliest lessons we learned about responsible drinking are a complete myth. So here we are with a complete list of 10 such alcohol myths that needs to be debunked soon.

Myths About Alcohol1

1. Myth: Drinking on a full stomach won’t gets you high
Fact: making yourself full before having the alcohol will only delay the time alcohol gets absorbed by your body. It doesn’t protect you from the intoxication in any way. However, drinking on an empty stomach isn’t good instead.

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2. Myth: Drink water to curb hangover
Fact: water won’t cures your hangover. The best way to avoid a hangover is to drink plenty of water between the alcohol. But water won’t protects your liver from the effect of alcohol at any cost.

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3. Myth: Wine doesn’t make you fat
Fact: There are at least 200 calories in a large glass of red wine. The chilled cocktails have even more calories than the wine alone itself.

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4. Myth: women and men get similarly affected by alcohol
Fact: Men have more water content as compared to women. So men are better at diluting the effect of alcohol after getting drunk than women are. Women are more sensitive to alcohol due to different levels of enzymes in the body.

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5. Myth: A Shower will sober you up
Fact: Cold shower or some fresh air will only keep you awake. But only time can sober you up by getting the alcohol out of your body. Approximately, it takes an hour to get rid of one unit of alcohol from the body.

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6. Myth: Alcohol is a tonic
Fact: in fact, alcohol can actually make you depressed. You will feel energetic and joyful initially because of your own inhibitions. It makes you lose control over your actions and emotions.

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7. Myth: Beer doesn’t get you drunk
Fact: An average unit of beer have 2.8 units of alcohol in it which is more or less similar to 70 ml of vodka! The faster you’ll drink the beer up the higher will be the content of alcohol in your blood.

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8. Myth: Mixing beer, wine, and spirit make you drunk
Fact: The quantity of the drink matters more than the type of drink you’re having. Your blood alcohol content determines how high you are. Mixing drinks can only upset your stomach and vomit.

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9. Myth: Drinking more than one glass of wine won’t affect your fertility
Fact: women who drink more than normal find it really hard to conceive. Five drinks per week can reduce a woman’s chance of getting pregnant.

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10. Myth: Wine is the best choice for those who don’t want to get drunk
Fact: A glass of red or white wine have the similar content of alcohol as compared to a shot of whiskey or any other distilled spirit. So it all depends on the quantity of drink you’re having.

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