Beware of Fake Rice Made Up of Plastic These Days!


Sale of adulterated edible items has become a common affair in India. Vegetables, sweets, milk and other food items which we purchase from the market are often adulterated. Now a new revelation has been made that rice is made up of plastic. You must haven’t thought about it even in your wildest dream.

Yes, you read it right. These plastic rice are manufactured in China. And the worst part is, they look just like the original rice we eat in our normal lives. Even after cooking them, you won’t be able to strike difference between the two. This plastic rice manufactured in china is now entering the Indian market. So, come let’s know some important facts about this synthetic rice.

Fake Rice Made Up of Plastic1Image Source: mathrubhuminews

1. How is Plastic Rice Made?
To make plastic rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic are used. The plastic used adds shape to the synthetic rice grains.

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Fake Rice Made Up of Plastic2Image Source: elitereaders

2. It Burns Just Like Plastic
Plastic rice remains hard even after cooking. The rice water extracted from it on thickening looks just like a plastic. If you dry out the starch derived from the plastic rice, it will burn just like a plastic.

Fake Rice Made Up of Plastic3Image Source: rbl

3. Plastic Rice Are More or Less Similar to a Polythene Bag!
3 bowls of plastic rice are just similar to one big polythene bag. This rice neither gets digested nor excreted when eaten.

Fake Rice Made Up of Plastic4Image Source: blogspot

4. It Can Cause Cancer!
Eating plastic rice will straightaway cause gut related problems and if you eat it regularly, it can cause cancer.

Fake Rice Made Up of Plastic5Image Source: straitstimes

5. How to Identify Plastic Rice?
If you compare plastic rice to genuine rice, then you can clearly see the difference. The plastic rice is shiny and lighter in weight. They have a well-defined shape without broken edges. They take quite a lot of time to cook.

Fake Rice Made Up of Plastic6Image Source: wikimedia

6. Another Trick to Identify Plastic Rice
When you soak the rice, pay attention to the grains. Plastic rice never floats in water because it is made of plastic, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. While the genuine rice floats on water.

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