10 Side-Effects of Birth Control Pills That Doctors Don’t Tell You!


To steer clear from unwanted pregnancy, women often resort to birth control pills. When taken on time, these pills are highly effective for preventing unwanted pregnancy. But we know that when something benefits us in some way, it finds several other ways to harm us. Similarly, birth control pills have several side effects like nausea, reduced libido, weight gain, headache, dizziness, swelling in breasts, etc. but there are some side effects that are not mentioned on the packing and even the doctors don’t tell you about them. come let’s know some unknown side effects of birth control pills.

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1. Headache and Migraine
Due to fluctuation in levels of hormones in our body, headaches and migraines are common. Some birth control pills reduce the levels of oestrogen, which causes a headache. If you experience any such side effect, consult your doctor.

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2. Nausea
If you feel nauseated after having your meals. Then take the pills before having your meal. Take the pill at the same time for few days. This will reduce the side effects.

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3. Swelling and Stiffness in Breasts
Birth control pills cause swelling in breasts which go off by itself after some time. This happens solely due to hormonal changes in the body. When on birth control pills, reduce your intake of salt and caffeine. Wear a bra that supports your breast completely. If you’re feeling pain in chest and difficulty while breathing, then you should consult your doctor.

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4. Abnormal Bleeding During Periods
When you’re on birth control pills, you can experience abnormal bleeding for the first three months. Birth control pills weaken the endometrial lining of the uterus which causes bleeding. If you bleed for more than 5 days, consult your doctor.

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5. Weight Gain
Weeks after taking birth control pills, your weight starts increasing uncontrollably. This happens due to water retention. The birth control contains in oestrogen in large quantities, which causes weight gain. It increases fat around thighs, hips and breasts.

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6. Vaginal Yeast Infection
It can cause itching, redness and yeast infection in the vagina. If you consume too much of sugar or alcohol, the risk can be even more.

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7. Mood Swings
It can cause mood swings and depression in some women. The synthetic hormones in the birth control pills exert pressure on our nerves. If you had a family history of depression, then consult your doctor.

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8. Change in Vision
The women who already have weak eyesight can experience a change in their vision after having birth control pills. Hormonal changes can cause swelling in the eyeballs. If you take birth control pills for a longer time, it can cause glaucoma.

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9. Blood Clots
Blood clotting is one of the most serious and common side effects of birth control pills. Women who are overweight and those who have crossed 35 years of age are more at the risk. If you feel difficulty in breathing, chest pain or swelling in legs then it indicates towards blood clots in heart or lungs.

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10. Reduced Libido
Some women might experience changes in their libido after having birth control pills. These hormonal pills affect the level of testosterone in the body. This affects their sex lives. Some women might experience painful sexual intercourse.

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