10 Myths About Liver Disease That Needs to be Busted!


The worst part about the liver disorders that they don’t have detectable symptoms. They are considered to be the ‘Silent’ killers. And if left unattended for long, they lead to cancer and cirrhosis. Here are the 10 misconceptions about the liver disease that needs to be busted.

1. Liver conditions can easily be diagnosed by the blood tests
This is the myth which explains the late diagnosis of liver diseases. An underlying problem can’t be detected with the transaminase tests alone. They also required to be tested for AST and ALT markers which detect the cell destruction in liver and alkaline phosphate which shows that bile secretion is reduced.

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2. Liver problems often cause yellowness in skin
Most of the liver diseases have no symptoms at all. Hepatitis A, B, and C along with cirrhosis are diagnosed after it’s too late. The pain in the liver is usually due to the high-fat food or indigestion.

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3. Alcohol is the major cause behind liver diseases
Though, 80% of the liver problems are linked to alcohol consumption. But people who have received blood transfusions before 1990 are at the risk of hepatitis and HIV, as both of these viruses were unknown at that time. The rest 20% of the liver diseases are caused by genetic conditions. Being overweight or having diabetes can also put you at a high risk of liver diseases.

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4. Medicines are bad for liver
It is true that all types of medicines can be toxic to the liver. People who are undergoing treatments and following a lot of medications are at higher risk of drug-induced hepatitis. Health supplements are also responsible for it.

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5. Coffee is good for Liver
Coffee is beneficial for your liver only if you’re having it without sugar and that too, not more than 3-4 cups a day. When taken in regulated amounts, it can reduce the risk of cirrhosis.

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6. Cirrhosis increases the risk of liver cancer
Yes, it is true! People who have been diagnosed with cirrhosis are at high risk of contracting liver cancer.

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7. Hepatitis and Cirrhosis are curable
Cirrhosis can be cured by cutting out the alcohol consumption and taking the healthier diet. Hepatitis C can be cured due to the new antiviral agents that kill the virus. Although, this doesn’t hold true for hepatitis B. the progression of the disease can be ceased with the help of two drugs. But it cannot be completely cured.

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8. Spirits harm the liver more than the wine or beer
It is the quantity that matters and not the type of drink you’re having. Drinking a glass of water will not reverse the effect of alcohol on your liver. Good quality alcohol can reduce the harmful effects but it will not completely leave the liver untouched.

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9. You can go alcohol-free for weekdays and drink heavily on weekends
A man shouldn’t consume more than 21 standard glasses of alcohol per week and women shouldn’t go beyond 14 standard glasses.

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10. Say no to fatty food, sugars and alcohol to fortify your liver
This is no myth! Limiting the risk factors will definitely cut down your risk to liver diseases. Foods like meat, fats, chocolates, pastries, soda, etc should be kept regulated. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to ensure a good liver health.

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