10 Times When You Need to Visit a Gynaecologist


A woman should always be aware of what’s going on in her body. More informed you’re about your body, easier it is to combat diseases on time. There are unfortunately still many young girls who hesitate while going to a gynaecologist. But you should never ignore the signs your body has been throwing. Visit a gynae immediately during these 10 times in your life.

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1. When Your Daughter is Closing to Puberty
When she hits her puberty, make sure that it’s her gynaecologist who tells her about the things going in her body.

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2. When Your Periods Are Irregular
The irregular menstrual cycle shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. An irregular period isn’t a problem itself but it does signify towards many underlying health conditions. In case your periods are irregular, visit your gynaecologist immediately.

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3. When You Become Sexually Active
Visit your lady doctor to ensure that you’re not doing anything wrong and it doesn’t expose you to any sexually transmitted disease. If you have multiple partners, then it becomes even more mandatory.

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4. If You Experience Bleeding While Having Sex
Bleeding isn’t normal. If you bleed regularly after sex, then see your gynaecologist.

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5. When You’re Planning a Baby
If you’re planning a baby or looking for contraceptive methods, then see your gynaecologist. She will guide you to help you through the fertility issues or can prescribe you a better birth control.

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6. When You Had Unprotected Sex
If you have frequent unprotected sex, then you should visit your gynaecologist to check for any STD.

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7. If You Feel Pain While Having Sex
This condition is particularly called dyspareunia. You should see your gynae if you feel pain during sex.

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8. If You’ve Experienced Sexual Abuse
You can contact her for counselling and get yourself checked for any physical injury.

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9. If You Experience Smelly Vaginal Discharge
A small amount of discharge is normal. But if the discharge is bit smelly then you should be seeing your gynaecologist.

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10. If You Get Acne During Periods
Many girls complain about this. They often breakout when their time of the month is near. This signifies towards an underlying menstrual abnormality.

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