10 Uncommon Things That Make Us Happy but We Fail to Appreciate


We’re always told by our elders to not to stress about small things. Hence, we obliged. We stopped paying to the ‘small’ things in our life. We missed out appreciating the small things in the bargain. Every day, in fact, almost every single moment we’re touched by teeny-meeny things that make us smile. And what we do in return? We overlook them. So, next time you’re touched by such small instances that put a smile on your face, don’t forget to seize the moment and say ‘Thank You’.

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1. Getting a Window Seat in a Train/Flight
Window seat is a most underrated pleasure in the world. When we don’t get a window seat, we fight our wits out for one. And when we get one, we forget to cherish it.

uncommon-things-1Image Source: thumb

2. Making a Child Smile
We’ve got to admit it, we try our level best to make a baby smile and laugh with us. What an achievement it is, to be able to make one laugh.

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3. Finding a Clean Public Bathroom
Well, this doesn’t happen too often. Once in a blue moon we’re blessed with a clean public toilet. We can’t thank our stars more than this!

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4. Finding Your Favourite Dish at Dinner After a Long Day
You had a bad day at work and you enter your house only to be pampered by your favourite dish. For this, you should thank your lovely mother for this.

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5. A Finger Bowl with Perfect Temperature.
Especially during winters. Nothing can pamper us more than a bowl with some mildly warm water and lemon fragrance.

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6. Getting a Shoulder Massage
A pulse of electricity runs down our spine when someone massages our shoulder at all the right places. Imagine, you had a tiresome day at work and your mom eases out your stress with a shoulder massage. Heavenly!

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7. Finding an Old T-Shirt That Still Fits Right
You’re looking through your old clothes and you come across your favourite tee. And the surprise element is, it fits you right even after so many years. Too much of nostalgia on its way!

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8. Dismissing Your Alarm on Weekend Mornings
Your alarm buzzes and then you realize it’s SUNDAY. You can sleep a couple of more hours. What a relaxed feeling it is!

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9. Eating the Last Piece of Chocolate
You thought the chocolate in the refrigerator has run out. But when you’re going through the insides of your fridge, you find the last piece of chocolate. It’s just like a gift from myself to myself.

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10. Using Your Dried Eyeliner to Make a Perfect Winged Eyeliner
You thought your eyeliner has dried out. You were about to toss the tube in the bin. But god knows what catches of you, you try to use it for the one last time. And voila! You never perfected winged eyeliner before!

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