10 Useful Tips for an Amazing Honeymoon!


Laughing at people’s disastrous honeymoon stories can be fun. But believe me, you won’t be doing the same if your honeymoon goes bad. After reading so many honeymoon disasters online, I’ve made up a thought to write a compilation of honeymoon tips for brides or bride-to-be. However, you only need to relax, plan and have fun for having a successful honeymoon.

But still, there are little things which people have the tendency to overlook. These little things can lead to the bigger things in future. So be ready and plan the most memorable trip of your life with your better half.

1. For god sake, please choose the location which you both will love
Don’t try to impose your choice on your partner. Select the location and the activity you both will love. This way you both will able to cherish your moments together.

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2. Don’t exceed your budget
Do not exceed your budget out of excitement. Debt doesn’t please anyone. So be in your limits and try to make the best out of what you already have. Remember, the happiness lies in the time you’ve spent together, not in the luxuries.

Honeymoon tips2

3. Read the reviews of the hotel before booking
Online reviews can be very helpful at times. You can save a headache down the road. Surf the tripadvisor.com and make sure that you read all the terms and conditions before you book a hotel room. If you have too much of tentative plans then avoid the booking in advance.

Honeymoon tips3

4. Book the Return Tickets one day before you’ve to join the work
If you’re a working couple, then planning things ahead is even more important. Plan your return in such a way that you get plenty of time to unwind before joining the work back again. Overtiredness can only make you fussy.

Honeymoon tips4

5. Keep the cash in a secure place
Purse snatching incidents can not only make you broke but will also spoil your holiday mood for the rest of your strip. So keep your cash safe with you. Don’t carry all the cash with you while you’re out for the sight-seeing. Keep some cash in the hotel safe for security.

Honeymoon tips5

6. Pick out the lingerie wisely
Don’t try to be over-cheesy. Pick up the lingerie which will oomph up the environment while being comfortable to be carried off. Leather suits and over lacy lingerie can make you over-conscious about your look.

Honeymoon tips6

7. Don’t over pack
Women have this habit of packing all of her heavily embroidered sarees thus making her bag heavy as a rock. Plus, you’ll need some room for the things you’d be purchasing there. Men don’t like women who carry a lot of stuff with them. So be a little easy-to-go type woman and enjoy in less.

Honeymoon tips7
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8. Put down the cell phone
Once you’ve told your family about your whereabouts, throw away your cell phone in your handbag. Apart from that, keep your phone on the vibrate or silent mode. It is best to switch your number and keep in contact with your family only. The honeymoon time is only meant for your husband, not for your phone.


9. Don’t go on uploading pictures on Facebook or Twitter
Live the moment, cherish them. Take pictures but only for yourself to see. Don’t put them on display on any of the social networking websites. No hashtags! No status updates!


10. Don’t forget the GPS
Perhaps you’ll be visiting a place which none of you ever went to. And getting lost is fun only in the movies. Don’t lose your valuable time in finding the way or asking the routes. Depend on the GPS!

Honeymoon tips10

So relax, you’ve earned it!

Happy Honeymoon!

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