11 Benefits of Using Lemon Verbena Soap


Do you think the soap you use is not as good as you thought it was? You might be wondering if any soap is available which is economical and free of chemicals as well. Lemon verbena soap is the perfect option for you.

Guess what more? The soap comes with a number of health benefits, such as curing acne, providing glowing skin, delaying aging, and many more. If you like to know more, read this article.

What is lemon verbena?


Lemon verbena is also called Herb Louisa and is native to Peru, Central America, Bolivia, and Chile. It is a deciduous shrub and looks attractive due to its pale green color. The plant blooms during summer and is widely used due to its strong lemon smell. The essential oil extracted from this plant has several healing properties. The oil has been popularly used for centuries, especially during the Victorian period, for curing indigestion, muscle spasm, and also as a sedative. It was very common for women to put some drops of the oil on their handkerchief to enjoy the oil’s scent and feel relaxed due to its refreshing properties.

Lemon verbena’s essential oil can be harvested. It has a very high concentration of important antioxidant compounds, like verbascoside, citral, nerol, and geraniol. Lemon verbena is commonly used as herbal teas or pill supplements. The leaves are first dried and then steeped to make tea that boosts metabolic processes.a

Earlier, the herb was widely used as a food additive due to its flavor. It was a nice addition to fish and poultry dishes, beverages, dressings, jams, salads, and jams. These uses are coming back as the latest trend because more studies are revealing the medicinal benefits of the herb. A lot of research has been conducted, making this medicinal plant beneficial and valuable to all. Recently, the benefits of the herb to skincare have been unfolded. Several companies make lemon verbena soaps, lotions, gels, and various skincare products.

Top benefits of lemon verbena

Being an aromatic and medicinal herb, lemon verbena has several health benefits. It is used for culinary reasons and beauty treatments. Some of the important uses of the herb are as follows:

  1. It helps relax your body and mind. It also cures PMS and controls the menstrual cycle.
  2. It reduces fever and also heals various diseases related to the nervous system, skin, and stomach.
  3. Commonly known as the king of aromatic herbs, the herb is widely used in potpourri.

Lemon verbena is popular for its important therapeutic properties. It has the ability to break down cellulite, so offers a relaxing, healing, and toning effect to skin. This is the reason the plant is very often used in the manufacturing of natural soaps.

Benefits of lemon verbena soap

Lemon verbena soap is suitable for all skin types and makes the skin toned and soft. The essential oil content of the herb has a gentle effect on the skin and helps maintain the proper balance of the skin’s natural oil. The soap helps to provide skin an even tone. Some people like floral fragrance, some love fruity scents, and some likes no scents. The soap is perfect for everyone who loves a refreshing and clean scent that isn’t overpowering. Here are 11 reasons to try this soap.

1. Cures Acne


Our skin is constantly exposed to bacteria, harmful chemicals, and pollutants. These cause acne, pimples, many and other skin problems. The lemon verbena acts as an astringent to prevent blemishes and treat scars. The soap having lemon verbena oil helps remove pollutants and excess sebum from the skin without leafing to excessive dryness. It also expels bacteria causing acne, therefore providing you with acne-free skin.

2. Repairs tissue damage


Lemon verbena controls oxidative damage that the skin continuously experiences. It helps eliminate free radicals and assists in the repair of muscles after exercise. It provides you feeling of freshness and helps you have the glowing skin.

3. Treats genital warts and herpes


The soap aids in treating genital warts and cold sores when used regularly on the affected portion of your skin. The lemon balm oil content of the soap is very effective due to the presence of hydrosol and natural viricides.

4. Reduces puffy skin

The soap has properties similar to green tea. It can minimize skin redness, and its anti-inflammatory qualities are suitable for reducing puffy skin. The soothing and cooling effect of the soap makes it best for reducing skin puffiness.

5. Provides brighter skin

The plant-derived oils of the soap help in providing the skin a clean and nourished feeling. It provides smoothness to the skin and nourishes it after every wash. The soap also has flavonoids which nourish the skin, hence gives you brighter skin.

6. Purifies skin

Purifies skin
Lemon verbena has astringent properties that help in cleansing the skin and expelling bacteria that leads to acne and pimples. The soap also helps cure mild facial blemishes and scars.

7. Combats aging process

The soap delays the aging process by providing firm skin. It also offers the skin a youthful glow that no chemical can provide. This is mainly because of the antioxidant quality of the herb. Antioxidants are best known to combat premature aging of skin.

8. Suits all skin types

Some soap can cause skin irritation and make skin issues worse. You need not worry when you go for a natural soap. It has ingredients that are soothing and don’t cause rashes, redness, dryness, and blemishes. If your skin is oily, inflamed or dry, a natural soap is the best option as it can help cleanse the skin without aggravating the problem and making it worse.

9. Provides amazing scent

There are several natural soaps available in the market, but if you wish to have something that can make you feel rejuvenated and energized, Lemon Verbena scented soap is best for you. The citrus aroma is light, uplifting, and remind you of a soothing sunny spring day. The scent has the ability to improve your mood, and it is mild enough that you can still use scented perfumes and deodorants without the scents affecting with each other.

10. Contains no harmful additives

If you are vegan and have skin allergies, this is the best soap for you. Lemon verbena natural soap has all natural ingredients. It is free from any sulfates, preservatives, parabens, and animal or petroleum products. It is completely raw-processed, and doesn’t contain GMOs. It is perfect for vegans too.

The soap contains natural ingredients that are known to soothe and cleanse skin. They have natural oils that help increase moisture content of the skin and keep it looking healthy and glowing. It contains corn oil, olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, soybean oil, organic shea butter, and many other natural ingredients.

11. Helps in beauty and therapeutic treatments

It has several healing properties which makes it best for cleansing skin, removing excess oil from skin, and providing antiviral and antioxidant properties.

Now that you are aware of lemon verbena soap benefits, you might be wishing to try it. So change your soap today and enjoy its great benefits. You will surely love the way your skin looks!

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