13 Ingenious Eyeliner Tricks to Make You Expert at Eye Makeup!


Eye makeup has become a requisite for every single girl. Gone are the days when girls used to save the eye makeup for special occasions only. But there are some other girls which lie on the other end of the spectrum. No matter how hard they try, they just end up wiping off their eye makeup before leaving the house. Reason? Their not-so-fantastic eyeliner skills!

If you’re one among those, then try these 13 eyeliner hacks.

1. Use eyeliner pencil to guide the liquid eyeliner
If your hands are a bit shaky for liquid eyeliner, then you can first make dots using kajal pencil and then trace it using liquid eyeliner.

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Eyeliner Tricks1Image Source: wikihow

2. Make the eyeshadow look more prominent by covering your eyelids with a white eyeliner.
this will cancel out the colour of your eyelids. And also It creates an even base for eyeshadow application.

Eyeliner Tricks2Image Source: wordpress

3. Make your own gel eyeliner
Wet your eyeliner brush with water and then rub it with your eyeshadow. Swipe it on your eyelids to create a gel eyeliner look.

Eyeliner Tricks3Image Source: ytimg

4. Use a white highlighter to enhance your brow bones.
Line your eyebrows using a white highlighter. Smudge it with a sponge brush.

Eyeliner Tricks4Image Source: amazonaws

5. Make a gel eyeliner using kajal pencil
Heat your kajal pencil using a blow dryer or a candle to get an intense black finish like that of a gel eyeliner.

Eyeliner Tricks5Image Source: wordpress

6. Draw a rough line using an eyeliner then perfect it using a cotton swab
Make a rough line on your lids and then delete the imperfection using a cotton swab dipped in a makeup remover.

Eyeliner Tricks6Image Source: wordpress

7. Draw a straight line using dots first then join the dots.
Remember when your playschool teacher used to teach you to draw things? That’s all you really need to do with your eyeliner.

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Eyeliner Tricks7Image Source: wikihow

8. Keep your eyeliner in fridge to avoid crumbling
Keep your eyeliner in freezer few minutes before applying to avoid its crumbling.

Young woman looking in refrigeratorImage Source: huffpost

9. Use skin coloured eyeliner to correct the smudges
It is better to camouflage them using a skin coloured eyeliner than to wipe them off.

Eyeliner Tricks9Image Source: blogspot

10. Use the edge of a business card to make a perfect flick
Freehand drawing must be difficult for you if you’re a novice. So use a card to draw a perfect carved out flick.

Eyeliner Tricks10Image Source: blogspot

11. Make hashtag at the outer corner of your eyelid to get perfect smokey eyes.
Draw a hashtag and smudge it using a sponge brush to create a smokey eye effect.

Eyeliner Tricks11Image Source: wowomen

12. Use mascara as an eyeliner
Ran out of eyeliner? Use your eyeliner brush and mascara to line your eye.

Eyeliner Tricks12Image Source: beautezine

13. Use brown kajal instead of black
Brown kajal gives you a more appealing look than the black.

Eyeliner Tricks13Image Source: ytimg

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