Why You Shouldn’t Eat Curd at Night, According to Ayurveda!


Curd is always considered good for health. But most of the people refrain eating it at night. According to Ayurveda, the curd is sour in taste, difficult to digest and creates Kapha and Pitta dosha in our body.

During the night time, the Kapha Dosh is already upsurges in our body. So if you eat curd at night, then the effect of Kapha Dosh is even stronger. This causes many health-related problems in our body. It also increases

Pitta Dosh in our body, which causes indigestion.

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So When Should You Eat Curd?
If eating curd is not advisable at night, then it is better to refrain from eating curd at night. But if you’re a curd lover and want to eat the curd somehow, then add a pinch of rock salt and black pepper and then consume it.

You can also add fenugreek powder to curd and eat it. Fenugreek with curd cures stomach cramps and indigestion.
One can also add honey, ghee or Amla in curd, if they are eating it at night. This will regulate your digestion and prevent Kapha formation.

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How Can Eating Curd at Night Harm You?
If you eat curd at night, it can harm you more than you can imagine. It can cause you fever, anaemia, jaundice, dizziness, blood clots and skin related disorders.

So if you’re a curd lover, it is better that you satiate your curd desires at the day time itself!

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