21 Best Holiday Beauty Tips – Must Do’s for Skincare On Vacation!


Traveling sucks whether it is done by train, bus or plane. With summer on its full swing, most of us plan for some pleasant escape from scorching sun and heat. On many occasions people go for a relaxing and pleasant summer holidays and come home with really frustrating marks and darker complexion of skin. No matter whether you are going to a nice beach holiday or to some thrilling hill station, but amidst the enjoyment and fun, your skin gets neglected! 

Travel always exposes your skin to various harmful circumstances like sun, dust, saltwater and humidity at beach travel destinations and dehydration, and dry winds at hill stations. You can’t escape these harsh condition while traveling to exotic destination but you can minimize the effects of these elements by upgrading your skincare regimen while you are travelling. Even short term exposure of these exotic climate conditions can cause long lasting damage to your skin. Here are few skin care tips that you should follow while you are on your summer trip.

Check out these best holiday beauty tips to get glowing all vacations!


Sun protection

Whether you are at beach or high altitude mountainous location, don’t forget to apply a quality sunscreen on your face, arms and feet. Sun exposure can be harmful whatever the locations. Apply sunscreen 20 minute before you step out for sightseeing. Sun is the most worrisome factor for summer vacations. Over exposure of sun can cause tanning, wrinkles and sunburn on your skin. Sunscreen is a good solution for all sun related skin problems.

Take Care your Feet

Sight seeing and walking along a beach bare footed can cause damage to your pedicure. Exfoliate and moisturize your feet daily while you are on visit. Every time you get the time you should cleanse and take care of your feet. Feet is a part of your body that bear the harsh treatment while visit a certain location. A nice cream for massaging your feet should do the job for you. While on vacation your feet demand some special treatment from your side.

Face Mist to Tackle Dehydration

Using face mist protect your skin from dry weather. It refresh and hydrate your skin. Carry facial mist every time you go outside for sightseeing. A good facial mist contains glycerin, floral water, menthol and essential oils that have good effect on our skin. Facial mist is a nice solution for tired skin and it is nice refreshing agent that restore the glow of your skin after a hard daylong treatment.


Cleanse Your Skin Daily

During holidays we spend a lot of time outside visiting various places and locations. We also expose

our skin to pollution and other harmful element during outing. It is very essential to clean our skin to avoid black spots, break out and other skin ailments. Cleansing of skin became more essential during vacations because during this period get in touch of may unwanted stuff ranging from dust, bacteria. This is basis of all skin care regimen and its importance increase manifold while you are venturing some exotic locations. Exotic locations cause new challenges for your skin and to cope with these challenges skin cleansing is the best thing you can do to protect your skin.

Moisturize And Tone Your Skin Daily

Moisturizer keep your skin hydrated and use of a good and light moisturizer is good for nourishment of skin while you are travelling. Toner refresh your skin and also control the formation of oil. It keep pores of skin clear from dirt and bacteria. Don’t use the toner if your have a dry skin.

While on vacation the biggest challenge you face is not dust or pollution but dehydration of body. Dehydrated body and skin cause your skin look dull and in this case moisturizer became important for your skin. Moisturizer sustains the hydration of your skin and protect it from being dull and dry.

Take Care of Oily Skin

While traveling our skin is prone to several unwanted element like dust and pollution. This problem become more severe if your skin is oily. Blotting papers will be helpful in keeping oily skin in control. Oily skin need a good cleanser and lotion for your skin . It can be more prone to acne and other skin related problems if oily skin is not treated well during the vacations.

Use Gentle Face Scrub and Serum

During vacations exfoliation of skin should have to be your top most priority. Serum that contain lactic, glycolic or salicylic acid can be really good for your skin. Facial scrub should have to be part of daily beauty regimen. Facial scrub exfoliates your skin and remove dust from the clogged pores of your skin. During holiday we tend to spend more time out of house that cause our skin pore clogged with dust and bacteria, proper exfoliation of your skin protect your skin from acne.

Wash your Face at Regular Intervals

During holidays we spend our most of time outdoors. It make our skin prone to pollution,dust and other harmful elements. It becomes very necessary to wash you skin 3 to 4 time a day to cleanse your skin and look better. It is also very necessary for oily skin because it control the oil content and remove excessive oil from skin and look fresh.


Don’t Use Foundation

Foundation can make your skin look dry during travel. Moisturizer can be a good replacement for foundation. If you can’t go without foundation, you should better use trimmer before it. It help in reduction of drying of skin.

Use Lip Gloss instead of Lipstick

Using lipstick that last long can cause your lip dry and crack. Lip balm can be helpful in while travelling. Never forget to carry lip balm to take care of cracked and dry lips.

Don’t Touch your Face too Often

While in holidays your hand get in touch of so many stuffs that contains harmful bacteria. When you touch your face with your hand, these bacteria and harmful substances get in contact of your skin and cause irritation.

Cure Dark Circles Under your Eyes

Dark circles under eyes are another beauty nightmare associated with travelling and holidays. Never forget to carry a under eye cream. It would be helpful in prevent your eye getting puffy and fine line from appearing. Every time you go out apply under eye cream to look fresh throughout the day.

Don’t do Excessive Eye Makeup

Applying eye makeup while holidays can cast havoc on your face when you go outside. Applying kajal on your eyes would smudge after sometime and make you look like a patient. To prevent formation of dark circles under your eyes go for minimal eye makeup. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara would be good for you while you are travelling.

Prepare your Personal Beauty-Bag

Every time you go to trip and holiday make a list of beauty product that you will require for your trip.A small zip-lock bag would be fine. You can put cleanser, moisturizer, hand santizer, hand cream and lip balm in it. It is always to have your beauty essentials with you while going out for a long vacation.

beach beauty bag

Stay Hydrated and Drink Water

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Water is very essential for glow of skin. Dehydration is one of the greatest concern associated with summers. Water is a single solution for all your skin related problems. Water maintain metabolism of your body and keep you hydrated through out the day.

Choose your Cloth tactfully

While travelling clothes matter a lot for your look. I agree that while travelling you can’t follow all your skincare regimen but pampering your skin with lighter beauty care product is always a good thing to do. Proper care of skin became more important while traveling because during this time your skin is more exposed to harmful elements. Wear what ever you like but it should have to be comfortable. During summers cotton clothes should be given preference. Cotton clothes make your body feel comfortable while visiting various sites and location during your stay abroad.

Pay Attention to the Color of Cloth

Choice of the color of your cloth is also very important for your skin. White are lighter color are good option while you are going out in sun because they reflect light while black and darker color are absorb er of heat and can double the effect of heat.

How Holidays Effect your Look

Mind your Food Intake

Weight gain is a problem associated with holidays. Celebrating a holiday sometime lead to endless cookies, drinks, traditional deserts. A few tactical moves can help you to avoid weight gain in more efficient way. While on holiday have a light breakfast and lunch so that you can enjoy your dinner more artfully.

Have a Sound Sleep!

We all go to vacation with a attitude and ambition to enjoy the moments. Late night flights ,shopping ,parties there are several reason for which we sacrifice our sleep hours. These sleepless nights can cause several health and beauty related problems.

Hair Care

Hair care should have to be your topmost priority. Taking good care of your hair is mandatory because it is the worse effected part of your body to various hazards while roaming outside. A quality shampoo and conditioner must have to be part of your travel beauty regimen.

Waterproof Makeup Products

Although makeup is suggested during journey but you can use it while going for sight seeing, parties or shopping. Go for waterproof makeup product if you want it. Waterproof make up products can be removed very easily. Always use mascara that is waterproof it is best for summer where your skin is prone to sweating. At beach holidays you will like go for swimming also.


Must have Beauty Products for Vacations

No matter whether you are going for a beach vacation or mountains, here are few beauty products you should contain with yourself.

Moisturizer and lotion

These beauty product are made for hydrating your skin. They lock water inside your skin so that it does not dry out. Donot go for moisturizers and lotions that are too heavy or greasy otherwise it will cause blocking of your pores and also lead to breakouts and acne. Some moisturizer also contain SPF value they are also effective for protecting your skin from sunrays.


Concealer are also must have beauty product for your summer kit as fade up the blemishes of your face. It also minimizes the darker areas and hide the dark circles under your eyes. There are several color correcting concealers that work differently for various type of skin.

Translucent Powder

Although you should not use powder during flight or journey as it make your skin drier. You can wear it while going to party and other occasions. If it is applied correctly it provide flawless and perfect look. It is also use to conceal scars and rashes on your skin. It is part of minimal make up that can enhence your over all look.

Fairness cream

Fairness cream is the one of the basic beauty product that have to be part of your beauty kit while you are on vacation. It is one basic skin care regimen that you have to be with you if you want a health and glowing skin.

Face cleanser

It is also must in your beauty kit because at vacatiKeywords

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Face scrubber

Scrubbing of your skin is very essential for skin care while you are on vacation. It exfoliate your and protect the necessary glow of your skin.

Lipbalm/ lip gloss

Lipsticks are not good for vacations. Longlasting lipstick make you lip dry. Lip balm is best for beauty treatment during vacations.

yacht holiday

Makeup wipes

During parties we all tend to wear makeup,sometime it became really hard to remove it from your face. Makeup wipes need immediate space in your make up kit.

Hand Santinizers and antibacterial wipes

While on vacation we get in touch of so many things that contain many unseen and harmful substances including bacteria. You should carry your own hand sanitizer with you. Shampoo and conditioner Never forget your hair which bear the most blunt during the travel season. Always carry a nice shampoo and conditioner in your beauty kit.

Hair spray

Travel size hair spray can be handy when your hair get completely flat due to extreme weather condition.


It is must have for every occasion, in holidays when your body more prone to heat, dust and sweat it is a necessity. Deodorant is all about persona and rapport we wants to create in people whom you met.

First-Aid kit

First-aid kit is also essential item in case of any emergency. This kit should contain antibiotics, head ache medicine , antiseptic lotion and eyedrops.

While at vacation skin care should have to be your top priority. Vacations are all about joy and fun and if proper skin treatment are not followed skin problems can cause your being dull. Skin need more care if you are visiting exotic places because at those places your skin face new and harsh challenges. While going to holidays you should take care for your skin in more efficient so that you can avoid the after vacation blues.


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