21 Ways in Which Pudina Makes You Beautiful


And if you are not able to afford expensive L’Oréal Paris and Lakme like Creams or simply want to save yourself from the harmful effects of cosmetic products, nature has grown a wild beauty agent for you in the form of an herb that everyone can afford.

The effects of this herb are visible to the dermatologists and beauticians around the globe so they called it a mint, yes the beauty minting herb. Its primary use is as a culinary for preparing dishes. Apart from adding aroma to our food, history proves that mint boasts a lots and lots of benefits for our skin and hair.

Though there are hundreds of benefits of Pudina, we have chosen the 21 most important benefits of it. Here we go…

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1. Mint as cleansing agent
Mint is rich in menthol and antiseptic properties, so it is being used in various cleansers, moisturizers and astringents.

2. Mint-Honey face pack

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Crushed mint leaves with honey cleans and tightens skin pores, thus reducing oil secretions their by bringing a freshness on the face.

3. Mint-rosewater mixture

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Grinded mint leaves when dipped in rose water heals persistent heavy pimples very fast.

4. Boiled mint
Apply the boiled mint as a face toner, it will prevent acne formation on your face by removing oil. Boil mint in water and simmer till water remains half and then cool it and apply.

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5. Crushed mint leaves, remove eye circles and puffiness

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Crush mint leaves and apply its juice or paste on face, it will lighten your skin tone and will also reduce under eye circles and puffiness. Try this remedy for at least three times a week.

6. Mint oil to get rid of bacteria and lice in hair
Mint oil has a strong insect repellant property so it is effective in getting rid of lice in hair. Applying three to four times during the day can do the trick for you.

7. Mint juice-oatmeal face pack
If mint juice is mixed with oatmeal powder, it will remove dead skin cells and your skin will look fresh.

8. Mint juice, fuller’s earth and tomato face pack

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The Mint juice, fuller’s earth and tomato face pack face pack remove pimples and clears acne marks.

9. Grind mint leaves and sandalwood powder
The ground mint leaves and sandalwood powder combinations make an effective anti-acne face pack.

10. Mint leaves, mung bean curd face pack
Mint leaves, mung bean curd face pack treats blackheads, rough skin and pimples completely.

11. Reduces skin pores and decreases oil secretion

Pudina Makes You Beautiful5Image Source: skinagain

Since the mint is rich in salicylic acid, it decreases the size of enlarged skin pores and hence reduces oil secretion. It also removes blackheads and whiteheads from the skin of our face. It also acts a natural scrubber to remove dead cells from our face.

12. Relieves insect sting pain
If, God forbid an insect stings you, apply mint juice quickly on it, it will relieve pain and bring a cooling sensation apart from preventing infection and itchiness.

13. Mint paste and olive oil pack
The heels of some ladies, particularly of housewives become rough due to walking. Apply a paste of mint and olive oil, this will hydrate and heal cracked heels.

14. Mint water removes body odor
Boiled mint leave water and paste hydrates the tough skin of the feet and removes sweat odor. Soak the feet for some time and see the benefit.

15. Mint and celery mixture makes hair stronger and shinier

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Dip some mint leaves and celery leaves in a pot and boil them for at least 20 minutes. Now separate the leaves and wash your hair with this water. It will prevent your hair loss. This is because mint contains menthol, which cleans and nourishes hair.

16. Mint an excellent hair conditioner

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Save the money you spend on buying hair conditioners, because mint is a great hair conditioner. Boil water and mint. Wash your hair with this water and see your hair shining.

17. Mint, fuller’s earth and lemon juice, remove dandruff
Mint, fuller’s earth and lemon juice, remove dandruff mixture when applied on the hair removes dandruff apart from bringing a shine to our hair.

18. Egg white, curd, mint and honey makes anti ageing masks

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Egg white, Karolin, curd, mint and honey makes the anti-ageing mask removes wrinkles from the face. Apply and wash after 15 minutes and see the dramatic results of it.

19. Drink mint water for skin rejuvenation
Drinking mint water helps your skin glow and also improves body metabolism.

20. Mint as weight loss tool
Chewing mint leaves suppresses appetite, which in turn reduces your weight

21. Mint-coriander juice a natural lip glow
If you are looking for a natural perfect lip glow then apply coriander and mint mixture on your lips, within days you will see them becoming pink and glowing.

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