4 Beauty Hacks You Can Do Using Mascara Wand


Do you know what a spoolie is? You must have noticed a black plastic brush with prickly bristles on the top. That’s called a Spoolie. We use them daily to apply mascara on our eyelashes. But do you know that it serves more than one function in your beauty regime? Though they are small in stature, they are able enough to multi-task. These little brushes are used almost every day to tame our eyelashes and separate them. But unfortunately, you’re not using it to the full potential.

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A New York-based makeup artist revealed that there are many cool beauty tricks you can practice without your small-but-mighty spoolie. So check them out here.
P.S. Don’t throw away the mascara wand of dried out or expired mascara. They can be reused here.

1. You can tame your flyaways with a spoolie
All you need is a hair spray and a spoolie. That tiny hair flying away and making your hairstyle messy is a big turn off. But a spoolie can be of great help here. Spray some hair spray on your spoolie. Run the spoolie on the both sides of your hair parting using light strokes. This trick will keep your flyaways in place.

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2. Bend the Wand to Master the Mascara!
Yes, we’re actually asking you to bend you spoolie to master your mascara. If you have a disposable spoolie, don’t think twice before doing it. Your regular mascara wand won’t go back into the bottle easily when bent. A bent wand gives you a better control on your wand. This makes applying the mascara in your inner lashes a lot easier. Apply the mascara with the bent want like you would do normally.

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3. Avoid the Clumping Effect of Mascara
Every beauty freak hates the clumping mascara. It sticks your lashes together and makes them appear even scantier. But this happens because you’re using your mascara wand in a wrong manner. Now take some mascara on the tip of your mascara wand. Keep the mascara wand upright and use the tips to separate your lashes. This is the best way to avoid the sticking of eyelashes and the clumping effect altogether.

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4. Set Your Brow
If your brow hair is long and unruly, then you can tame with your spoolie. You can do this in few seconds. Yes, it is true! Just spray some hairspray on your spoolie. Brush through your brows to tame your unruly hair. Give them an upward stroke to get the unbridled arch brows look.

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