Top 7 Home Remedies To Treat Chikungunya Joint Pain


Chikungunya is spreading like an epidemic and each day the reported cases are increasing little by little. Chikungunya is a viral infection which is transmitted by mosquitoes. The most common symptoms of this disease include high fever, joint pain, headache, nausea, back pain, constipation, skin rashes, abdominal pain and sore throat. Amongst all these symptoms joint pain is one of the most prominent symptoms of the same. The patient experiences extreme joint pain which is almost unbearable. Though the medicines decrease the pain to a great extent, there are certain remedies which you can try in order to get faster relief. Here are some of the home remedies which can be of great help to relieve joint pain.

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1. Cold compress- Crush some ice and tie them in a small towel to make a parcel. Place the cold compress on your joints. Apply compress over all the hurting joints for a few minutes. Using a cold compress is one of the best and effective ways to get some relief from the joint pain. The warmth from the ice reduces the inflammation in your joints thus reducing the pain.

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2. Peppers- Another simple and effective remedy to reduce the joint pain is by drinking a stew made from peppers. Peppers have capsaicin in them which is responsible for the spiciness of the peppers. But apart from the spiciness, capsaicin is also high in anti-inflammatory properties, so when you consume capsaicin it helps in reducing the inflammation of joints.

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3. Green leafy vegetables- Green leafy vegetables are anyways great for our health as these are high in vitamin E and iron content which can be very effective in treating joint inflammation. So make sure to include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet.

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4. Concentrate on vitamin C- Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C which means they are high in antioxidants. And as we know that antioxidants help in soothing down the inflammation, this makes citrus fruits a perfect food to get some relief from the joint pain.

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5. Stretching- During this time your joints will be in a lot of pain, but things will get even worse if you will just sit or lie at one place all the time. It is very crucial that you include light stretching and aerobic exercise in your routine in order to recover faster as well as to reduce the pain.

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6. Turmeric- Turmeric is easily available in all Indian homes. It has been used since ages for its amazing medicinal properties one of which includes anti-inflammatory property. Turmeric is known to reduce inflammation to a great extent. This is the reason why turmeric milk is consumed to calm down aches and tiredness.

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7. Garlic- Another effective home remedy to reduce the joint pain by consuming garlic. Garlic too has anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants which help to improve the immune system and thus relieving pain. Chew a clove of garlic in the morning on an empty stomach in order to get quick results.

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