5 Easy tricks to achieve straight hair without damaging them


Who doesn’t like straight hair? I guess no one. There is something about straight hair as they instantly make you look much more sophisticated and groomed. Now there are girls who are blessed with naturally straight hair but people like us who are born with wavy/curly hair are left with the options which are quite damaging to the hair. Straightening iron, rebonding, smoothening, etc. are very effective but very damaging at the same time.

But there are some easy tricks as well which can get you straight hair without damaging them. Below we have mentioned 5 tricks which will get you silky straight hair with minimum damage.

1. Comb wet hair- Now it is advisable not to brush your hair when they are wet as they are the most vulnerable at that point of time. But if you do it very gently it won’t do as much of a harm. I mean if you use a straightening iron, you will be causing a lot of damage to your hair anyways so why not use a method which is much more gentle. All you have to do is divide your hair into small sections and detangle them with a wet brush or a tangle teaser. Once your hair is tangle free, comb them with a hair brush every five minutes until they are completely dry. In the end, you will have completely straight hair.

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2. Wrap them around- For this trick too you need to start with wet hair. detangle your hair and part them as you normally would. Part your hair into two sections going from the front to the back. Now take one section of the hair and comb it straight and take this portion towards the other side from the back of your head. Secure it with bobby pins. Do the same for the other side as well. Let your hair dry completely and then remove the bobby pins and brush your hair. The best time to do this is at night so that you wake up smooth straight hair.

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3. Use Velcro rollers- You must be thinking that how can you use rollers to straighten hair. but you can, and in fact, the results are kind of surprising (in a good way). For this, you need Velcro rollers, but really big ones (the size of soda cans). Start with wet hair and divide them into sections. Put on the rollers tightly and leave them on until your hair are completely dry. It is very crucial that your hair is completely dry otherwise your hair will go back to their original shape soon after removing the curlers.

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4. Rubber bands to the rescue- This one is fairly easy and don’t really require much effort. Start with damp hair and divide them into two parts. Comb the hair really well and make two low ponytails one on each side of the head. Then start adding additional elastic bands leaving an inch and a half gap in between each elastic, until you reach the end. Do the same on both the sides. Make sure that the elastics are not too tight to leave a dent in your hair. Leave your hair to dry and then remove the bands to reveal straight hair.

5. Make a bun- If you already have fairly straight hair and you want to avoid little frizzes then this method will work for you. But if you have wavy hair don’t waste your time trying it. Start with damp hair and make a low ponytail. Twist your hair like a rope and then secure it in a bun. Leave the hair to dry and then remove the elastic. Brush your hair as you normally would and voila, you have straight and smooth hair.

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