4 Myths About Your Favourite Health Supplements Busted!


Being conscious about your health is a good habit to cultivate. But relying on the nutritional supplements for good health isn’t. Yes, today we’re going to raise curtains from the most popular myths regarding the health supplements in the market.

The health experts believe that most of our nutritional requirements are met by our diet itself. We just need to have a balanced diet everyday to maintain the levels of nutrients in our body. But we still pop up a pill or two of omega-3 supplements and then gulping down the over-expensive protein supplements.

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People believe that piling on the supplements is better than worrying about your diet every single day. But you’re wrong! Check it out how.

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Myth #1: Supplement can counter-fight the lifestyle related diseases
Fact: This is a scary myth. The health supplements are incompetent to deal with the lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and heart issues. They will only fill the nutritional void in your diet. But again, a complete diet can fill that gap too. This is the primary reason why most of us are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

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Myth #2: Supplements can fix your diet
Fact: You don’t like the milk so you think that popping up a calcium pill will do the job. Have Omega-3 pills if you’re vegetarian to meet the omega-3 requirements of your body. If you do the same, then let me tell you. You’re following a lethal trend. You should use your supplements only as a complimentary to your regular diet. You don’t know how much of the supplement you’re taking. This can land you up in trouble. Too much of vitamins and minerals can be even more hazardous. When we eat the natural foods, the excess of the nutrients is sent out of our body. If you’re taking any supplement, take it under complete medical supervision.

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Myth #3: The All-Natural labelled supplements are good.
Fact: The cover of the supplements promises a lot more than it delivers. The health supplement manufacturers just add few natural ingredients to the supplement to make them look like au naturel. You just pay the extra cost for the things that aren’t going to benefit you.

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Myth #4: All the Protein Supplements are same.
Fact: There is a wide variety of protein powders available in the market. Soy protein, whey protein, casein, etc. each of them has a different utility for our body. They all have variable amounts of fats, cholesterol and calories in them. Their functions are different. Seek a medical supervision and choose the protein supplement which suits you the best.

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