4 Useful Lipstick Tips for First-Timers


Are you a beginner in the lipstick game? Or you haven’t tried the lipstick yet? Before jumping to any lipstick or a shade, there are some beauty commandments that you need to keep in mind. If you think that certain colours can look good only some women, then you’re wrong. So here I’m going to share some beauty pointers with you today, so that your feel more empowered and confident before trying your first lipstick.

1. Go slow
Don’t jump to gaudy and flashy colours at once. Try the lipstick that feels glossy. Don’t buy the matte lipstick straightaway. You won’t feel conscious that you’re wearing something on your lips. In fact, you will forget that you’re having something on your lips. Try a shade that is comfortable, like pink or coral.

lipstick-tips-for-first-time-user1Image Source: blogspot

2. Don’t Buy Expensive Lipstick Straightaway
Start with the cheaper versions of lipstick. You don’t have to spend 1000 bucks on your first lipstick. What if the colour doesn’t suit you? Pick up the cheaper lipsticks.

lipstick-tips-for-first-time-user2Image Source: cosmo

3. Start with a Comfortable Variant
Matte lipsticks are long lasting but they are dry and hard to wear. If your lips are prone to getting dried, then wear a lip gloss on top of your lipstick. This will make sure that your lipstick is not flaking off.

Woman applying lipstickImage Source: lepotaizdravlje

4. If You’re Still Not Sure, Then Go for The Lip Gloss.
If you’re still not convinced what type of lipstick should you get, start off with a lip gloss. For a start, pick up the lip glosses which are rich in moisture and vitamin E.

lipstick-tips-for-first-time-user4Image Source: blogspot

Are you inspired enough? Lipsticks are easy and fun way to glam up your look. Never shy away from colours and always try the colour before purchasing the lipstick.